Nick Perry Pennsylvania Lottery Scandal

If you lived in Pennsylvania in 1980, and were old enough to read a newspaper, I’m pretty certain you’ll know all about the Nick Perry lot…

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Nick Perry Pennsylvania Lottery Scandal

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  • Isaac Toffar

    Hi LG,

    I play the lotto here in South-Africa. All my numbers sometimes are being drawn, but I cannot find a way to get them all in the same line. Any advice what I should do.


  • Nick

    I honestly believe this is ongoing for almost the first few draws for each of the local and national draws and this set of specially weighted balls are influencing the outcome, making a combination impossible. My proof, those who watch closely all the numbers that come out, when you look at other draws you will always see a few similar numbers on both draws done on different days by one programmer or the ball swaps agents. It’s not random and it happened every week!

    • LG

      Not sure I understand what you’re saying Nick. But you will of course see similar numbers come up in different draws, because there are only a small range of numbers that can be drawn..! That’s what random is.

      There are many millions of combinations, so how can have determined that any particular combination is “impossible” based on only a few hundred draws having ever been made? That’s like rolling a dice once, getting a 2, and concluding it’s fixed and 6 is impossible.

  • Desmond Bradley

    Hi LG. Yes there are no miracle ways to get all numbers in one line. But those chances you refer to are Wheeling plans. And they do work, except the required number of games to cover the numbers are prohibitive. Seems like Isaac doesn’t know about wheeling.

  • Betsy

    Where do you get the people who draw the numbers, and why do most of the people sometimes have the same names.

    • LG

      In the case of computer based draws the staff are hired (or promoted) just like any other job position with responsbility. Carefully, with background checks etc.

      ‘Most’ of what people ‘sometimes’ have the same names..? Are you talking about the TV presenters..? Because they don’t actually draw the numbers.

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