Does Lottery Prediction Software Work?

OK, I don’t believe in crystal balls and stuff, but is there such a thing as lotto experts who can predict lottery numbers? There seem to be quite a few around selling software programs and they seem to know lots of complex maths that looks really useful?

Most sellers of lottery prediction software are simply out to mislead and make money out of you. Because the reality is that nobody has ever been able to prove they can predict what numbers will or will not be drawn.

The evidence just does not exist. Lots of people seem to think it does, but none have been able to provide it..!

These software sellers just want your money – please don’t give it to them!

Lottery organisers spend an enormous amount of time and plenty of money on ensuring their lottery draws are random enough. The balls and draw machines are carefully manufactured to fine tolerances, stored carefully and securely, and replaced regularly. It’s very important to lottery organisers to ensure their draws are as random as they can possibly be.

But it shouldn’t come as any surprise to find that someone trying to sell you a system will try to convince you that draws are not random, that there is some mystical way of analysing the numbers that reveals patterns. But if you truly had such a system, why would you be making money selling it to anyone… wouldn’t you just use it yourself to win the lottery instead..?

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  • Kabelo Ishmael Moeng

    I did check on different lottery systems and I noticed that most are just not good enough. Except just to give statistics at some time with numbers. I do believe that 99% of all lottery systems are just scams. What I noticed is that if one picks about 10 numbers, and use other lottery software using a full wheel, then there is a possibility to hit a jackpot but with more combinations. Other software gives full version with up to 50,000 combinations which is impossible to play because you need to use so much money in order to hit the right combinations.

  • MikeA

    While I agree that most prediction software is a scam. After all, just look at them, they look like they were written in 1981. That being said, nothing is random in this universe. Everything, eventually follows a pattern. In reality, there is no such thing as random. Even the lottery people, with all their fine tolerances, are human and cannot make a perfectly random system. The lottery is simply a system of variables that can be predicted through pattern analysis (as long as the data is constantly updated). By design there is enough uncertainty built into the lottery that even a predicted system won’t win every game. Even math professor geniuses who are serial winners, win every five to ten years. The variables in the lottery are as follows: aged balls, aged airflow systems, new balls, new airflow systems, imperfections on balls, paint on balls, temperature, humidity. Even so, this system will follow a pattern. The trick is to analyze both historical (last 200 wins) and recent (last 25 wins) independently to compensate for the variables listed below. Then to combine these predictions in a pattern analysis algorithm to pick the most likely numbers. I wrote software that does this, but I won’t shamelessly advertise it here. BTW, my software found that in a database of the last 120 games, the numbers 42 and 60 never came up. Still think the lottery is random?

    • LG

      Hi Mike,

      “In reality there’s no such thing as random”..?? Hmm, maybe you’re forgetting about radioactive decay, or atmospheric noise…

      But that aside.

      I agree that building a 100% perfect truly random lottery machine is practically impossible.

      But building a ‘random enough so as to be unpredictable’ lottery machine is not only possible and practical, but it’s the reality we all live with. Because there are far more variables than you list – have you factored in the gravitational force of the moon for example? What about atmospheric pressure? Variation in the electric motor spin speed? Tiny variations in the timing before each ball is drawn? Whether the guy handling the balls cleaned the marmalade from breakfast off his fingers..?

      You throw all those variables together and you just end up with a draw that’s more random, not less.

      And if you don’t think a lottery can be random because 2 numbers have not come up in 120 draws, then you don’t really understand randomness. If it were NOT possible for this to happen then something would be wrong.

      However, the bottom line is – it’s all very well to have a theory. But unless you publish some proof to a recognised statistical certainty, then you can’t really go around claiming your software works.

  • Judex

    1. Predicting is not possible because there is NO PATTERN !
    2. The commercial Softwares are too light to offer ample chances to win.
    3. A heavy Software can hit the Jackpot, but the cost of betting is more than the Jackpot itself. The reason is because the LOTO Organizers grab their large share first and then distribute the remaining amount to the Winners.
    4. A self made computer Software by a Programmer, can have better chances, but no 100% guarantee !
    5. You always lose because there is NO PATTERN to follow. Those who win are only hitting COINCIDENCE that they call LUCK !

  • Shaun Blahze

    Lottery Guy,

    My name is Shaun, I have almost lost everything, losing at pick 3, and 4. Today, is: 3/15/15. Can you please help me with tomorrow’s pick 3, and 4. For New York evening for:3/16/15. Please. I’m sick and tired of losing. P.s. I’m going to purchase your system probably tomorrow. I really appreciate you. Please, help me.


    • LG

      Hi Shaun

      Firstly, I don’t sell a system so it sounds like you’re confusing me with someone else – is it something in my reviews here?

      Secondly, I don’t recommend playing Pick 3/4 games at all – because you will never come out ahead playing them. The jackpots are too small, and ultimately only the lottery company really wins (see how to win pick 3…).

      Finally, if you’ve genuinely lost almost everything, the lottery is NOT the answer. You should only ever be playing with money you can afford to lose.

      Hope that helps some.

  • Oli

    Hey guys, do not dream. There is no way to predict any lottery winning numbers. Don’t waste your money buying any kind of magic system.
    However if you are a good programmer, you can write a program that gives you all millions of possibilities. From these millions you can eliminate 60% or more of near 0 probabilities combinations. Those near 0 probabilities are:
    – 5 consecutive numbers (e.g. 1-2-3-4-5 or 20-21-22-23-24…): probability = 0.0
    – all odd or even numbers (e.g. 7-11-23-31-45 0r 12-18-30-32-36…); there is always a mix of odd and even numbers.
    – previous drawings (a past drawing rarely repeats in life, probability: 0.000001); as far as I know the Mega Millions or PowerBall drawing has never had all 5 of the numbers repeat twice at any time on a single line.
    – all 5 numbers in the same range of 10 (2-5-6-7-9, or 30-32-35-36-39…)

    Even if you can write an App that calculates all of these things, then you still have thousands of good combinations from which you can chose 10 to play at every drawing with chance to win the jackpot within 5 years. Big probability to win small amounts every week or every month.
    If anyone is able to do so, please let me know, I will pay few bucks for it.
    Good luck!

    • LG

      If only it were that simple Oli 🙂

      This is a really common fallacy, but you’re eliminating combinations for totally arbitrary reasons. What physical reason is there for 1,2,3,4,5 to be less likely to be drawn? Because it makes a pattern when you put the numbers in order..?

      It doesn’t work like that.

      What if we swapped the numbers on balls 1,2,3,4,5 with 10,19,27,33,35. Does that now make the other balls less likely to appear or still the original ones? What about if we took the numbers away altogether and just used different colours instead… See what I mean 🙂

  • Lakiesha

    What lottery number follows 993?

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