Lottery Syndicates Work: FACT!
[Your Syndicate Guide]

There is one undeniable truth about lottery syndicates. They work. By doing exactly what they promise.

In fact, they cannot fail to work. Because the way they work is by using the one of the ‘secrets’ that all genuine lottery systems come back to.

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Lottery Syndicates Work: FACT!
[Your Syndicate Guide]

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  • Ron

    LG recommended to join so I did. I joined Love My Lotto just one week ago… and guess what, our syndicate has won… well not enough to quit work but a win none the less. Now all I have to do is wait for the next win and hope it is the big one :). I live in Ontario, Canada and with the exchange rate the wins are even bigger. I LIKE THAT.

  • Fred

    My 2 cents:

    – BFL doesn’t accept applicants from Belgium (it is in their restricted countries list, not sure why).

    – YPWP has a terrible support system. I sent them a request a week ago and haven’t heard yet. And their site is ugly 😉


    • LG

      Hey Fred

      Curious – no idea why Belgium isn’t accepted, most of the world is accepted so I’m not sure what anyone could have against Belgium! I’ll see if I can find out more.

      I think YPWP have been swamped recently – they normally respond a lot faster. With the recent huge Olympics special draw for EuroMillions, and a ton of big rollovers, I think they’ve been rather busy :-). You’re right about the site design though, it’s a better syndicate than it looks!

  • Bob

    Hi LG, thanks for your blog and updates. I am from Belgium too and it is realy hard to find a Belgian syndicate. I love to study lottery numbers. It would be great to share my number combinations with a syndicate if interested. I play my system on excel and backtrack my results. If only I were to play more tickets, but then again… thats why we need to pool together.
    Take good care, and let us know if you find one.

    • LG

      Hey Bob,

      Thanks – and welcome 🙂

      I don’t know of any Belgian syndicates, but I’ll let you know if I come across one (or anyone let’s me know of one?). Maybe you could start one?

      Don’t get too bogged down in the Excel analysis stuff though, it really doesn’t help. But more tickets does of course 🙂

  • Jim Spry

    Hello. Is there A good Canadian syndicate that wins. I live in Ont. Canada. I would like one that plays Canadian 649. I feel Lotto Max is to difficult. 649 is hard enough. Thank you. Jim Spry.

    • LG

      Hey Jim,

      Take a look at Marios Lottery Group here – that plays both games and might suit you well. It’s amateur run but it’s been going for many years.

    • Shelley

      Hi Jim from Ontario. Did you join the Mario’s Lottery Group? I’m going to check them out and Thanks so much Lottery-Guy you have a dedicated follower from Toronto, Canada. A few years back I joined a UK syndicate and I won nothing and I played for at least 8 months – but I found it through one of the scam artists mentioned here so that was my stupidity.

  • Davide

    Hey Lottery Guy, this is Davide from south Switzerland. Some months ago I tried to subscribe to Big Fat Lottos but I saw that unfortunately I cannot subscribe. The day after I wrote to BFL’s customer service to ask explanations about this and they told me that Switzerland is not admitted because it is one of the countries with restrictions for this syndicate, and even also Italy is one of the countries with restrictions for BFL… that’s a pity! This is so unfair. I am so disappointed because BFL seems to be a more serious and professional syndicate than the two others syndicates above mentioned.

    • LG

      Hey Davide

      Thanks for stopping by.

      I wasn’t aware Switzerland aren’t permitted. I know they are looking into licensing for some countries, so hopefully Switzerland will be added soon.

  • Davide

    To all those people who read these comments, I advise don’t play the SuperEnalotto lottery, separated or in a syndicate, because it is one of the worst and most difficult lottery games in the world to win. It’s jackpot is 1 in 622,614,630 !! This lottery has a pool of 90 numbers on its play slip and its drawings occur through a computer picking system.

    So, this lottery is a lot more difficult to win the jackpot than US Mega Millions!

    This lottery should be removed by the BFL syndicate, and also the people who live in Italy, or who simply go to Italy for holidays should stop or avoid playing the SuperEnalotto. This lottery sucks!!

  • Davide

    And I hope that Italy will be also added soon on BFL, and in other syndicates too. You don’t hope that too?

  • Robert M Hennigan

    Can this work on scratch off tickets?

  • Roland

    Thank you Lottery Guy for all your suggestions. I am going to try You Play We Play. I actually need more money. So here’s hoping. Don’t know who to trust anymore but you seem to have the right attitude and a lot of know-how, so am trusting your judgement.


  • Lloyd

    Love the comments, maybe I’ll learn something.

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