Lottery Syndicates Work: FACT!
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There is one undeniable truth about lottery syndicates. They work. By doing exactly what they promise.

In fact, they cannot fail to work. Because the way they work is by using the one of the ‘secrets’ that all genuine lottery systems come back to.

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Lottery Syndicates Work: FACT!
[Your Syndicate Guide]

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  • Mahesh

    I joined the PowerBall Combo (6 months), PowerBall (3 months) syndicates on WinTrillions. I did not realize that there was an auto-renew on the account. They will not tell you how much the charge will be (or what firm will charge as they use 20 international processors).

    My issues: (1) Website showed $ 285. I was charged $ 302.96 and when declined (by fraud dept at my credit card) I was charged 300.79 another day. (2) I also recd an email asking for a copy of my ID, Driver’s Lic., or Passport; with my utility bills and a copy of my credit cards registered. Why would a lottery syndicate wish to verify my details for continued use of their services?

    Have you personally used WinTrillions, and are you confident they are legit?

    Thank you.

    • LG

      That’s because they can’t know what charges your credit card company might add on (currency conversion or other fees). So you do know the price, i.e. $285. That’s what they charge to your card. What comes out on your statement depends on what your bank does – they have no way of knowing that 🙂

      The reason they are asking for ID from you is only because your bank rejected the payment – they now need to protect themselves from possible fraudulent card use. So they are basically asking you to prove you really are the card holder. But you need to talk to your bank first and make sure they don’t keep rejecting payments you want to go through.

      Yes, I’ve personally used WinTrillions and they are legit 🙂

      Hope that helps.

      • Mahesh

        Thank you for your clarification. I had personally authorized the payment with my credit card.

        I have requested WinTrillions not to auto-renew. (hence no future payments are at issue).

        They asked that the documents be sent by (unencrypted) email. They did not provide the fax, or mailing address, and I did not know the firm I am dealing with, which was why I was asking the questions. Once burnt, twice shy I guess.

        The way I was thinking, no one goes to a shop, buys something, pays for it by credit card, and then the billing department of the shop comes seeking documents (Driver’s license which puts SSN at risk, Credit Card, and Utility bills) by responding to (unencrypted email).

        You are huge help with your website and quick responses. Much Appreciated! Thank you!

  • Baron


    I am just curious to know what do you say about complaints about one of your suggested lottery websites – WinTrillions – see below:


    • LG

      Any company with many thousands of customers is going to have complaints at some stage. So I think it’s actually pretty reassuring that there are so few complaints for a company that has been going since 2005 :-).

      Hope that helps.

  • Low key

    Good day, I joined a LottoLand syndicate group once upon time and what I expected with a syndicate is free and fair game. Whenever the winning come up and every member of the group he/she have to see the list of the winning game or the list of the game the group is going to play, but to my suprise whenever I played the game then they only show me the list of the game that I play.

    If it’s really a syndicate group then a member should view the list of the rest of the games the group plays, if not so that mean’s it’s not a syndicate.

    • LG

      Are you sure you actually chose a syndicate option..? LottoLand provide lots of ways to play, and many of those options are not syndicate groups. What did they say when you asked them..?

  • Mary

    Hello, I’m so scared to play with a group. Like I’m about to go with a syndicate and play one time, so if someone from the group wins do all of us get a share of the winnings? And how do you get your winnings?

    • LG

      Yes – that’s normally how it works :-). So if any ticket bought by the group you are in wins, then everybody shares the winnings. How you get your winnings depends on which syndicate group or company you mean. The online ones typically either credit your bank account, or send a cheque.

  • George

    I played the Syndicate option ONCE and experienced the same situation, i.e. only seen the numbers I had chosen. Then after the draw it showed no syndicate winners this time etc. So I wrote to them (as that’s the only way to connect with them, via a computer!), they responded stating they only give out the numbers IF you ASK for them (for ALL the numbers in the syndicate), which I did (even though I knew already there was no winning lines… out of 200 lines!). They emailed me an Excel version of the lines, which were nearly all the same numbers, except they changed ONE number in each line, each time. So obviously not in a syndicate with others, just in your OWN syndicate and also unlike their other draws you don’t have the option of choosing your numbers, they choose them for you! Never did a syndicate with them again as that’s not my idea of being a syndicate.

    • LG

      Sorry George I don’t really understand the problem. You’re clearly not in a syndicate on your own if there are 200 lines being played. You’re not personally paying for those 200 syndicate lines. That’s the group funding those.

      You also said you chose your numbers, but then said you don’t have the option of choosing numbers..? So it sounds like you played with a company that offers preset ranges of combinations (you chose from a small range of starting numbers and they cover 200 combinations from that point on – increasing one number each time, as you said). Again, nothing wrong here. For larger syndicates this lets them manage groups and entries more efficiently and avoid overlaps (two syndicate groups playing the same combination). Everyone in the group knows the full set of numbers, as they follow on from the start set. But you asked for the full set, and they provided it. All sounds like they were doing what they promised?

  • Richard L Brice

    I see you’ve recommended Lotto Lishus. Since they’re new, have you personally worked with them often? I just joined up and can’t wait to see what happens. How would they work with the Colorado State Lottery if I actually won anything since they only do Mega Millions and Powerball?


    • LG

      Not that new – they’ve been around since 2014 🙂

      Not sure what you mean re: Colorado – they’re based in California so that’s where they buy lottery tickets. They manage all the ticket buying and distributing winnings for the syndicates.

  • Allan Blain

    Here in Canada, I suggest “Mario’s Lottery Groups.” Been involved for about 4 years. Normally I play Canada Lotto 6/49 but, this site offers many other options. I’m confident this is the best lottery group option available. Recently offering UK Lotto options, buying in only on “must win roll-down” draws. Return on purchase has been at, or above, 100%, an excellent return. One problem, they lost the ticket purchaser in the UK who can buy enough tickets to fully optimize our wins. Any suggestions? I speak as an individual and NOT as a representive of this website.

    • Wayne Denham

      I’d buy them for a free share in the syndicates, I would love to do this!
      I play syndicates with colleagues at work but can’t get them to understand that to win better you need to put in the investment on the correct draws as you do here- the must-be-won draws.

  • Mat K

    I checked up and down, left and right, they do not say total how many lottery tickets they will buy in any certain syndicate, only say about shares. What if they are selling 50 shares and buy only 10 tickets? Then it is better for you to buy 10 tickets yourself than be in such a syndicate right?

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