What Area Has The Most Lottery Winners?

I know why you are asking this question. But it’s actually the wrong question to be asking 🙂

There are two reasons people look for the town, city, state, country or area with the most lottery winners:-

  1. They think there is something funny going on
  2. A newspaper ran a story saying more people win in a certain area
  3. They think buying from places with the most winners will help them to win

But things are not always what they seem.

So the real question here is why do certain areas have more winners?

Think of it this way. There are two lucky stores selling tickets in the same state, Bob’s Quick Mart and Lenny’s Liquorland. Bob’s store is bang in the middle of the main commercial district of the state capital, Lenny’s place is in a sleepy rural town.

You check the winnings stats and wow, look at that, Bob has sold 25 times more winners than Lenny!

This does not mean that Bob has been blessed by the lottery gods. Nor does it mean he has some secret insider knowledge to help his customers.

What it really means is that Bob’s Quick Mart has a lot more customers. He sells 25 times more lottery tickets than Lenny does.

Because this is the real ‘secret’ of why certain towns or cities have the most winners. Those areas just have a heck of a lot more people in them, which means they collectively buy a lot more tickets.

But it does not mean that those people individually have any more chance of winning than those buying tickets at Lenny’s Liquorland.

So why do lottery companies publish lists of which towns or areas have won more than others? And why do newspapers run stories that publicise this fact?

Well, the second question answers the first 🙂

They publicise facts like this because it gives bored newspaper journalists something to write about. They never claim buying tickets in those areas improves your chances of winning.

And newspapers run these stories because they need to publish stories about something. Unfortunately they sometimes cross over the line from what the lottery company actually said, and end up suggesting you would be better off buying a ticket in a certain area. That’s not because it’s true, it’s because they didn’t really understand the facts they were given. And the lottery company isn’t going to correct them, as they quite like the publicity.

So it all comes back to the number of tickets sold, and normal random distribution. More big prizes appear to go to people in big cities because that’s simply where more tickets are sold. Think about it, if it was not possible for one store to have sold multiple jackpot winning tickets, then there would be something wrong with the randomness of that lottery! It may be unlikely but it should be perfectly possible in a normal lottery.

TIP: So please don’t drive hundreds of miles just to buy a ticket in a ‘lucky area’! Spending that gas/petrol money on more tickets instead would do a whole lot more to improve your chances of winning.

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