Which Area Has Had the Most Big Lottery Wins?

No idea to be honest – but please don’t worry about moving there to improve your chances of winning, as of course it won’t make any difference!

Funnily enough there is a common misconception amongst UK premium bond players about certain areas winning more prizes, and the South East of the country being favoured.

Note: ‘premium bonds’ are a UK thing, a bit like a lottery except you get to keep your original stake. Your only loss if you don’t win is lack of growth in the money that you could be investing elsewhere. They are treated as a serious investment by many in the UK – especially as the top prize is a millions UK pounds!

But back to the ‘regional favouritism’ myth. It all comes back to the number of bonds sold in the end, and the simple fact is that more bonds have been sold in the South East so of course more winners will be from there. National Savings who run the Premium Bonds now even print that question and answer (and other similar ones) in their brochures as it became such a sore point with people!

The same principle applies to lotteries the world over too of course. The newspapers in particular like to run stories about particular areas, cities, towns, regions or even actual stores being ‘lucky’ or ‘favoured’. But it all comes back to number of tickets sold, and normal random distribution. More big prizes appear to go to people in big cities because that’s simply where more tickets are sold. Think about it, if it was NOT possible for one store to have sold the jackpot winning ticket more than once, then there would be something wrong with the randomness of that lottery! It may be unlikely but it should be perfectly possible in a normal lottery. So please don’t drive thousands of miles just to buy a ticket at a ‘lucky store’! (Of course the stores will be happy to promote their lucky image – it makes them more money!)

So as usual, nore tickets always equals more prizes, from whichever angle you look at it.

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