Win Lotto Systems Review

Win Lotto Systems is a software and ebook package designed to help lottery players win smaller prizes more often. Note: I hope you love any products I…

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Win Lotto Systems Review

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  • Adrian

    Hi LG, I have been playing wheels for some years now and whilst I agree that wheeling potentially provides more smaller prizes, the amount of prizes and frequency largely depends on your number spread and cash outlay. However these two elements collide in the sense that to win more often, you need to have a greater spread, however that requires a greater outlay of cash! So whilst I agree that predicting numbers is not probable and irrelevant, suggesting wheeling systems improve your chances is highly subjective. Various sites offer a large variety of free wheels that provide this playing ability, the rest of what is written in the book is basic common sense and not worth paying for.

    • LG

      Hi Adrian

      Thanks for your comment.

      The key point is that whatever pool of numbers you are playing it’s possible to arrange them such that matching a certain amount of those drawn (e.g. 3 out of your pool of 10) either wins you something, or wins you nothing. Wheeling gives you the ‘win something’ option (if you choose the right wheel for the game you’re playing). So it’s better than not wheeling.

      But just wheeling for the sake of wheeling is fairly pointless. So blindly choosing something listed on a website isn’t necessarily going to give you the best result, unless you understand what you’re using and why.

      I have to greatly disagree with you about the value of the book though. From long experience I can tell you that the vast majority of players I’ve talked to would benefit greatly from reading it! After all, it’s only ‘common sense’ if you already know it 🙂

  • Tony

    Do you have any comments in relation to ideas re lotto


    • LG

      Unfortunately Ion often gets a little too deep in the maths to see the trees, so to speak. He tends to forget that it’s not really about the maths – it’s really just about a bunch of ping pong balls 🙂

  • Romulo Patricio

    Hi, I play the Philippine Lotto, does this software include a complete database of the afore-mentioned lotto automatically updated after each draw? Thanks.

  • Mel

    My question or statement is this about the Win Lotto Systems:

    Where or when have you ever seen a lottery payout of something like

    I have never seen any payout coming in with “cents” on the end..

    I also never saw anywhere in the information “how many games” one would have to play in order to have even a small chance of a win.

    Numbers are easily picked, anybody can do that, but how do you select the best in order to produce a chance of winning?

    Your comments will be greatly appreciated..


    • LG

      Hi Mel

      I’m guessing you mean the winning ticket slips on the Win Lotto Systems website? If you click on them you can see enlarged versions which show they are from Tattslotto, which is the Australian lottery – they have dollars and cents down there too ;-).

      How many games is up to you of course, with obviously ‘the more the better’ being the real answer. There are no miracles here, this is about optimising the way you play rather than the usual BS about predicting results.

      Hope that helps.

  • Janet

    I’m here to find which lottery system to try, as I’m new to the game. Thanks, LG for all the information.

    This one seems to go on the theory, “You’re still losing, but you’re losing less.” I guess that’s helpful for some, but I’m looking to win 🙂

    • LG

      There’s a little bit more to it than that :-).

      But what you’ll find in the world of lottery books/systems/stuff are those that promise miracles and those that are honest about what their products can do. The former sound much better but don’t really have any intention of delivering. Whereas the latter do actually help but don’t perform miracles.

      I’d recommend steering clear of the miracles as there are a lot of them and it gets expensive fast 🙂

  • Dee

    All these post are old is this still the best system out or is this still the best.

  • Jay

    Win Lotto Systems…

    Hey there… for this system I have read his ebook and he does have a lot of good points, but how do you go about selecting the random numbers he is suggesting… as with our Powerballl has numbers from 1-69 you would have to buy a serious amount of tickets to get this system working for you as well?

  • GR

    Is the software Mac compatible?

  • Lisa

    Can this be downloaded to an iPad? Is the book worth it without the software? Thanks

  • Mel

    A question please..

    How many games on average are required to be played each drawing?

    Thank you,

    • LG

      It depends on the game you choose (5, 6 or 7 main balls), and how many numbers you want to play. So it starts at 8 games, but can go up to hundreds if you have the budget.

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