Win Lotto Systems Review

Win Lotto Systems is a software and ebook package designed to help lottery players win smaller prizes more often. Note: I hope you love any products I…

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Win Lotto Systems Review

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  • Frank

    His reasoning is sound, but he doesn’t mention the tricky bit… selecting a bunch of 10 numbers which contain at least 4 winning lotto numbers.
    He advocates choosing them randomly, but in my experience, I end up with the winning numbers being spread over my 4 sets of 10, which doesn’t win me anything!
    Show me how to choose 10 numbers which contain at least 4 winning numbers and I’ll be happy!

    • LG

      Selecting the right winning numbers is always going to be the tricky bit :-). And that bit will always be down to us.

      You can pick numbers using whatever method you like.

  • John

    Lottery is a game of luck – full stop – I suppose buying more tickets logically gives you more chances, but then logically thinking, one person could buy all tickets in a draw except the winning ticket and still not win :-). And the one person who bought the right ticket and spent a $ or € wins!! 🙂 Luck! John.

    • LG

      True enough.

      I suppose the other way of looking at is – this kind of system aims to minimise how much you lose until you get a big win. Having a sensible playing strategy means maximising your chances of that big win, without spending more than you can afford. It may never happen, so remembering to actually enjoy playing the lottery is pretty important too 🙂

    • Arch

      It actually happened in Ireland a few years ago.

      A rich businessman thought he’d be clever and buy every combination in the lottery. The jackpot was £1 Million and he paid £0.5 Million for the tickets.

      Sure enough, on the night of the draw, he had the six winning numbers… but, so did a guy who had spent £1 for his one ticket. The jackpot was shared! This incident actually caused changes in the lottery rules so that it couldn’t be done again.

  • Mike H

    So what do you estimate is a weekly cost needed to do this System?

    • LG

      It depends on your budget and which lottery you choose to play. The minimum number of lines you would need to buy is 7 or 8.

      If that stretches your playing budget, you could find a game with cheaper ticket prices, or play just one draw per week, or even once every 2 weeks.

      Obviously the bigger your budget, the better your chance of winning – but that’s always going to be the way.

  • Bazlur Rashid

    Please predict Saturday’s Australian Lotto and Oz Lottery.

    • LG

      Are you serious..? Maybe you’re joking… but I’m thinking not..!

      How many times now have I said that predicting lottery numbers is impossible? You cannot predict numbers. You just can’t. Nobody can. It’s not possible.

      (Was that clear..?)

  • Augustinus

    What about in my case – I am playing the South African Lotto and Powerball, so is this system just for overseas countries? Will I be wasting my money if I buy this system?

    • LG

      It’s fine for lotteries all over the world. If they draw 5, 6 or 7 balls out of the machine you’ll be just fine. For Powerball type draws where the Powerball is drawn from a separate pool of numbers you have to add your own numbers on at the end, which isn’t as slick as it should be but not a big problem.

  • Alan

    I decided to buy it and was disappointed as I consider myself quite erudite regarding maths but this book lost me it was all about diagrams etc and what I consider not a lot about true lottery strategies. Although the silver lottery is not the best I get a lot of returns by using it in a different way to the normal that is one you don’t consider it up to much.

    • LG

      I’m surprised to hear you found it complicated. As I mentioned in the review, a couple of pages of maths in Part 1 gets a little involved, but it’s not essential and you really can just skip over it.

      The only ‘diagrams’ (charts?) are in Part 3, and are just examples of how you can combine different systems to get the budget you want. (Are you sure it’s Win Lotto Systems you bought as it doesn’t sound like it???)

      I can’t really comment on a lack of ‘true lottery strategies’ without more detail. I mean there are only a small number of things that genuinely make a difference, whilst there is an awful lot of stuff that simply does not help. This has sensible real strategies – whilst Ken Silver advocates stuff that is simply nonsense.

      If you did buy this, you really need to read it again. Particularly if you think Ken Silver’s strategies are sound…

  • Bo

    When you say it is designed for 5,6 or 7 number draws, does that mean it will work with Sat night Tattslotto in Australia where they draw 6 numbers plus 2 supplementary numbers ?

    • LG

      I asked the author this one too as quite a few draws have supplementary or bonus numbers. And the answer is yes. Will recommends either playing the same numbers for each line, or randomly generating supplementary numbers. You just run the software twice and treat supplementary numbers as a separate lottery draw. It’s not the neatest solution but it’s a fair workaround. It may be improved in a future release.

  • Bazlur Rashid

    Ken Silver is not a lottery predictioner.

  • Yuri

    Hi Lottery Guy,
    What is your opinion? What lottery system is good for playing 6/49 or 7/49?
    Thanks for answer.

  • Dwight

    I bought the system today and won tonite! I play Wisconsin Supercash. spent 67 bucks for the system, spent 28 bucks in tickets. Won a 128 bucks tonite. Not alot of money, right? But That paid for the system and covered the money I spent on tickets. So now I’m playing with house money. I play another 28 bucks tomorrow and what I win is all profit!!! Just keep building from there! This is unsolicited testimony. I don’t know lottery guy or the system dude from a hole in the wall, but I know the system works!!!

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