Win Lotto Systems Review

Win Lotto Systems is a software and ebook package designed to help lottery players win smaller prizes more often. Note: I hope you love any products I…

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Win Lotto Systems Review

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  • Jen

    I have a Mac… how can I purchase this system then since it is for window only… can you recommend another system?

    • LG

      Hi Jen

      Boot Camp (included with Mac OS X v10.5 onwards) lets you run Windows XP or later on your Mac. You can get Windows 7 from Amazon for less than $100.

      Although the book is useful without the software anyway, as it gives solid advice on overall strategy.

      There’s not much else to recommend I’m afraid – most of the stuff out there is total garbage, see my lottery systems reviews for more.

  • Bek

    Hi, how can I buy this ‘win lotto system’? Is it a CD or ..?? Could I us it in netbook or do I need a laptop ?

  • Ron

    Hi LG
    I guess the people out there still don’t get it… “YOU CANNOT PREDICT WHAT THE NEXT LOTTO WINNING NUMBERS ARE” – it is that simple. However you can increase your win average and decrease your losses by playing the best odds, that’s increasing your chances of some wins. EX: 6/49… Ont 49 or any other lotto game that is around 1:13,000,000. Take LG’s advise and don’t play birthdays and anniversaries… do you know how many people have the same birthday as you or your kids? Hundreds… All you can do is maximize your wins and minimize your loses… IT IS JUST A GAME… remember that… play smarter and have fun… RON

  • Jan

    Will Will’s sytem work for California Superlottoplus and Mega Millions?

  • Sean

    WOW!!! Great work man. You have awesome research done here, and I’m so happy that I visited your website.
    I live in USA, NY.

    Could you suggest the best lottery system for me ?

    I like playing jackpot game and others such as take 5, numbers, win4.

    Please reply to my email. Thx again, good man!

    • LG

      Hey Sean

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      There are a lot of lottery systems out there – so you’ve probably seen a few. But unfortunately most of them are total garbage. You can find a big list of the ones to avoid, and the few good ones listed here.

      Hope that helps.

  • John

    I don’t understand what this product offers over and above anyone using a set of wheels from, for example, Iliya Bluskov, choosing a set of random numbers and the appropriate wheel for the size of the random number set and producing their own tickets from this wheel.

    It seems to me that this product just uses a set of wheels wrapped up in a piece of software to apply the chosen numbers to the appropriate wheel. There is acknowledgement that trying to predict numbers has no value, so it also randomly generates the numbers for the user, if required and anyone can do this within a simple spreadsheet.

    The fatal flaw in any so-called system is the selection of the pool of numbers to work with, and this product claims (rightly) that no product can do this so it can add no value in this regard.

    So what is it that this product does that makes it so different/special?

    • LG

      Hi John

      As I mention in the review, for me this product is primarily about the book. Which is solid strategy, and none of the usual fakery and garbage.

      But if you’re already familiar with real strategy and fully understand Bluskov’s book too for example, then there isn’t much here that you will find useful (i.e. this is probably not for you).

      But the vast majority of lottery players are not at that level or anywhere near, and would greatly benefit from reading this book first. Particularly in preference to all the garbage ‘expert’ advice out there.

      Hope that’s clearer.

  • Tommo

    Hi can you confirm what type of lotto the UK lotto is?

    We pick 7 numbers from 49 and they pay out on 6 numbers plus a bonus ball.

    Does that make it a 7/49

  • Foreverbob

    Hi Guys,
    Bought this system a while ago, read it in a quick hour. It’s just based upon wheeling and nothing more. You are right, no number selection method! Just pick whatever numbers you wish randomly because the lottery numbers are indeed unpredictable. Slice them into a few wheels and up you go. It’s just basic probability and it’s gonna happen: once in a while you’ll win a small prize and that’s it. Have fun!


  • CB

    Trying to buy the Win Lotto Systems and e-book… but the download link is not working..?

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