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Best Place To Buy Winning Lottery Tickets?

Best place to buy lottery tickets

If you want to know where to buy winning lottery tickets then this is for you.

I’ve been helping people with this kind of stuff since 2003.

So let’s dig in.

So What Do We Really Mean By ‘Best Place To Buy’?

Crazy question, huh? We just want to buy somewhere that gives us a better chance of winning, right? Read More

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Powerball Winner Brad Duke’s Lottery System

Q. What is the easiest way to pick very strong lottery numbers to play? Have you ever heard of the Brad Duke lottery system?

brad duke lottery systemOK, first some quick background. Brad Duke was a Powerball winner back in 2005. He won the headline grabbing Powerball jackpot of $220 Million, and after choosing the lump sum payout he more than happily banked $85 Million. Read More

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Lottery Systems That Work

You’ve seen the shiny lottery systems, may have bought one. It didn’t work of course. So are there any lottery systems that work?

shiny lottery systems that workThere is so much lottery junk online. Not just systems, but bad advice and poor information everywhere.

Just dare to ask what works in an online forum, you’ll get ten ‘experts’ swearing on their mother’s life that asking Felix the psyhic feline is the only way to win. Read More

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Best Lottery System To Use…

This post was originally a comment on my page reviewing lottery systems, but I thought it was worthy of getting a post of it’s own.

So with thanks to Hobbs for hitting the nail squarely on the head again, here’s a guest post from him about which is the best lottery system to use. Read More

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The Big Question: Have You Ever Won The Lottery?

This is one question I get asked fairly often… “have you ever won the lottery?”

And I do understand why I get asked.

But there is a very good reason why it shouldn’t even cross your mind to ask.

I’ll try to explain why with a quick story.

Bill & Ben Play Dice

Bill and Ben are playing a dice game. Read More

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