Buying Lottery Scratch Off Tickets In Bulk [video]

You have to be fairly brave to risk buying whole rolls of scratch off lottery tickets in one go. Or do you..?

Well, here’s one guy who did exactly that.

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Buying Lottery Scratch Off Tickets In Bulk [video]

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  • Ivy

    So where can I buy a whole roll of scratch offs? Do I just walk in to a gas station and ask for a new roll? How does that work?

  • Daniel

    Always remember when remember when getting scratch offs to buy in tens, and buy the same kind of tickets. Plus when playing number games always pick your own numbers never do the auto pick, and keep playing the same numbers over to increase your chances to get more tricks and increase your chances.

    • LG

      Unfortunately NONE of what you said helps at all. You’ve been listening to that Mr. Lustig again – please don’t waste your money there 🙂

      • Brooke

        That is upsetting to hear. My husband just talked me into paying for his lottery university program. So far I haven’t noticed anything that will be that helpful. Do you have any pointers on how I can find something else to help me learn how to increase chances of winning? I know some people just know how to hit those draws a couple times a week. I would love to learn how.

      • LG

        Yes, sadly his ‘University’ is very expensive and very little use in my opinion. There’s far better in my tips here (which don’t cost anything).

      • Jamel

        Lustig is right. There’s no need to take his course, buy his book, or go to any “university.” He literally tells you everything you need to know, between all of the videos and interviews he’s done. Just watch them all and you’ll have the answer. He’s won 7 times. Period. End of story.

        I’ve used his method together with Gail Howard’s software and have won 2nd place twice in the Take 5 lottery and several other times in virtual games (games played only on my computer). Winning the smaller prizes is EASY, using this combined method. You just can’t profit on those.

        I’ve done what he said with the scratch-offs and have won some small prizes, as well. More often than not, I win something, when buying 10 at a time. The key is patience. There’s no winning overnight, unless you’re lucky. Richard even tells you that you should expect to play at least 6 months on your numbers, before hitting anything special.

      • LG

        That’s not proof of anything though is it. Just as lots of people win all the time with quick picks… does that mean quick picks are more likely to win? No, it doesn’t. If I win more often when I buy tickets wearing blue trousers than when I wear black trousers, does it mean my blue trousers are lucky? (Or did I just wear them a lot more often…)

        If you play a lot you’re going to win something sometimes no matter what.

  • San

    If I buy a bundle of scratch off $20 tickets, how much can I win?

    • LG

      It depends on the game. Jackpots can be anywhere up to $10 Million on a $20 ticket. Some games have fewer jackpot prizes that are larger, other games may have $1 Million jackpots but lots more of them. It’s just one of the reasons why you need to choose carefully which game to play.

  • Mary Chi

    I hope this helps someone. In NJ, this is how I play once a week, then once I win a prize, I stop and don’t play again until the next week.

    First, I check out my state lottery web page to see which tickets have large prizes left on them. Did you know vendors can continue to sell tickets that don’t have any large prizes left?

    I buy 3 scratch offs, and more than 50% of the time, I win something. If I don’t get a winner, I buy 2 more tickets and more than 50% of the time, I win something. If I don’t get a winner, I buy 1 more ticket. That 6 is my limit for the week. Only once in the last 2 years did I NOT win anything in my 6 tickets. So far, I’ve won free tickets and I’ve won $20. According to my record books, I’ve been ahead by $14 and I’ve been at a loss of $10. Less risk here than buying whole rolls.

  • TT Swindlehurst

    Surely the best idea is to buy them direct from the manufacturers and not retail!

  • Jaks

    No matter what lottery officials tell you, distribution is controlled. I check the scratch-off winners in my state and the major jackpot winners are ALWAYS in the same part of the state where distribution originates, and this is by design. The theory that one area has more winners as they sell more tickets couldn’t be further from the truth. If the jackpot tickets are in one specific location, it doesn’t matter how many everyone else sells, it’s a losing battle. Lottery knows where the jackpot winners are placed, it can’t be a coincidence that they are consistently showing up in the same areas.

    • LG

      I’ve never seen any lottery where all the winners were from one area, so which one are you referring to? Or did you mean ‘lots’ rather than ‘always’?

      What are the actual figures of jackpot winners broken down by area? Because if you don’t have the figures you’re just letting your perception reinforce your theory. Which even just logically doesn’t make any sense. “Let’s only distribute the jackpot tickets to one area, and all the losing tickets elsewhere” – why..? Isn’t it just more likely they are randomly placed and areas with higher population buy more tickets and therefore create more winners?

    • Beth

      I totally agree with this statement as I too thought… why in Trenton, NJ, where the Lottery sends out the tickets, are the majority of the winners saturated in that area? So perhaps where officials family and friends live? Not coincidental! On many occasions I thought about driving up in that area to purchase my tickets. Totally will increase the odds!

      • LG

        But are you backing this up with any real data, or it is just an impression? Can you put some numbers to it? e.g. how many winners are there by area over the last 12 months. How does that compare with the population of those areas. Unless you look at it more scientifically what you’re saying is just meaningless conspiracy theory 🙂

  • Joe Joe

    I have bought now 5 rolls of the same $2 ticket (150 tix – $300), most I came out with is $197 for a $103 LOSS. The lowest I returned was $151 for a $149 loss. On average there have been 33 winning tickets in each. In my eyes it isn’t worth it. When you think about all the gas stations, convenience stores and even little smoke shops. In my eyes you have to get just as lucky hitting a big prize on a roll as you do walking into a random spot and buying one ticket and obviously a lot less to lose. That being said I will probably go buy a roll today because it’s so much fun haha good luck!

  • Chris

    Quite interesting to see a lively debate of random people expressing their beliefs and opinions. I took the research and investigation approach. Google has a link to a resource that outlines patents. Following the chain of upgrades and revisions reveals the suspected liabilities and loopholes that have been discovered along the way.

    The code lies within the code. The algorithm reveals itself. From production to deployment to sale to validation to verification – and everywhere between – revealing the key to connecting the algorithms becomes the solution to the riddle.

    To have enough relevant data to evaluate with any hopes of getting enough clues to work with, buying entire books of scratch offs becomes individual puzzle pieces. From there it is merely a matter of putting the picture together. Once you have the picture, buying only a couple tickets at a time and recognizing where they fit in the picture will determine the potential profitability of returning to keep buying any more from that same book of tickets.

    Once a person recognizes which leaf of the immense and overwhelming tree they are grasping, there is absolutely nothing random about it. They know exactly how many winners there are. They know exactly what packs they are in. But, they do not know where those packs are until the winners are claimed.

    The individual player has the ability to bridge the gap between production and potential discovery… simply by figuring out where they are in the maze with what they are currently holding. Can’t do that buying a ticket a week from random places at random times.

    Want to win? Pay your dues, buy a few books of tickets, and crunch the numbers within the numbers. Or… hope to get lucky.

    All of the $10 (or greater) tickets tout odds greater than 1:4 with a payout of 80%+. Remove even some of the element of randomization and there exists an amazing amount of opportunity.

    Robbing other players? Stealing? Cheating? Taking advantage? Sounds like the people who don’t like to lose… probably shouldn’t be gambling.

    The lottery is no different than the stock market. The more you know, the better the chances… but, even knowing little doesn’t guarantee failure. Sometimes luck still reigns.

    • LG

      Hmm, OK. Yes, we know exactly how many winners there are because they do (generally) tell us that up front. But knowing for certain which pack the winners are in but not where the packs are? I’m not really sure what that means.

  • LisaLisa

    The $10 scratch offs seem to offer very good winning odds when purchased at least six at a clip. A $60 weekly investment. TRY IT.

    • LG

      Higher ticket prices do normally mean better odds, but if you factor in the ticket price it doesn’t really make much difference (i.e. you can buy 60 $1 scratchers for the same money). What does matter though is the size of the jackpot – a $1 scratcher is rarely big enough for anyone, so it makes sense to choose the right game to start with 🙂

  • Patrick

    I just purchased a full pack of 10X the cash! It’s a new $2 California lottery ticket. This is my first time buying in bulk & it took me forever to scratch them all, but well worth the time. I have 39 winning tickets for a grand total of $6,400! I can’t believe this! I’ll be buying more full rolls in the future and if you’re financially able I strongly recommend trying your luck buying full packs?

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