Buying Lottery Scratch Off Tickets In Bulk [video]

You have to be fairly brave to risk buying whole rolls of scratch off lottery tickets in one go. Or do you..?

Well, here’s one guy who did exactly that. And not just once either (spending a total of $2,700). I won’t spoil the surprise of how much he ends up winning – you’ll have to watch yourself to find out 🙂

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Don’t forget that out of any roll of tickets you’re certain to win back at least some of your initial outlay.

If you check the back of the tickets the ‘win something’ rate is typically about 1 ticket out of 4, on average. Which means if there are 50 tickets in a roll then about 12 of them will be winners. You just don’t know how many of those winners are going to be worth anything decent. That’s the tricky bit 🙂

Where To Buy A Roll Of Scratch Off Tickets?

You can buy a roll of scratch off tickets anywhere you would normally buy your tickets. There’s no rules stopping you.

The only problem you might encounter is ‘lazy assistant syndrome’, i.e. they can’t be bothered to go and fetch you a whole roll out of the back, and activate it, before selling it to you.

If it’s the owner of the store, they aren’t going to mind at all because it’s a nice sale for them (and they may get bonuses too if you win big). 🙂

How To Buy A Whole Roll Of Scratch Offs

To make buying a whole roll easier, get to know your regular store staff. And/or buy your scratchers from less busy locations where people have the time to serve you.

Choose the best scratchers to buy (this changes all the time). And make sure they get you a fresh (sealed) roll of lottery tickets and they don’t forget to activate it (using their lottery terminal) before they sell it to you. Otherwise you won’t be able to claim your winners until they do (it’s a security measure to stop people stealing tickets in bulk).

Playing An Entire Roll Of Scratch Offs

You’ve got two main choices here. You can do like the guy in the video did and just scratch the barcodes so you can scan each ticket for instant results.

It might entertain the store assistant. But that’s not quite so interesting for you.

Instead, play the games as they were meant to be played. Scratch the panels, take your time and enjoy it. 🙂 You can go crazy and scratch the whole lot in one go and make a huge pile of silvery mess. Or do one a day till they run out. But if you’re buying a whole roll do at least get some value from actually playing.

What’s the most scratchers you’ve ever bought in one go? Have you ever bought a whole roll? How did you do? Add a comment below.

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P.P.S. If scratchers are your thing you might also like ‘How To Win Scratch Offs’. It’s the scratchers guide book written by an ex-lottery ‘insider’. It’s pricey, but not bad.

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  • Marie

    I did it once, spent three hundred (was a bucket list). When it was all over I cashed out at $297. Though I didn’t make money I wasn’t unhappy, cause it was fun to scratch them all off. When I knew I had a winner I waited until I was all done to see what I had won. Wouldn’t do it again but at least it’s one thing off my list.

  • Derek Distefano

    I bought books of $10 tickets. It was 100 for $1,000. I got $565 six times and $1,100 once.

  • TT Swindlehurst

    Interesting video this. Probably not a good long term strategy though!

  • Karen Davis

    I bought four $10 tickets and prayed to god before I scraped. He simply gave me what I needed, exclusive amount, amen. It’s not luck if you believe in god?

  • Sal V

    How many $20 scratchers come in a sealed pack sold at my local mini mart? (CA.)

  • Charles

    The lottery is designed to take your money, they do not put enough big winners out there on scratch offs. And don’t care if that was your last dollar spent. Unless your 1 in millions to get lucky. You stand a better chance playing the stock market.

    • LG

      The lottery is a business so of course they are designed to make a profit, they wouldn’t exist otherwise 🙂

      I totally disagree with your stock market comparison though. Not only can you lose money there too anyway, but you can’t turn $1 into $1 Million with stocks. That’s the point 🙂

  • ChrisJ

    I just got back into scratchers since ScratchSmarter is now sending data from the California scratcher games again (the state changed the website a while back and chose not to release payouts for all the prizes; they’d probably claim it was too time – or computer-resource intensive). Never bought a full roll; I’m not that flush with cash.

    Sorry/not sorry to hear of Lustig’s passing but his service/university wasn’t worth it; it was pretty much a recruiting front for LottoLishus (a ticket buying service and syndicate). I stopped with that because they didn’t process my order one week (it’s set up on recurring so don’t know how that happened) and three of my numbers came up (granted you only win half) so I quit that.

    I follow ScratchSmarter’s recomendations should my usual retailers have the games listed. Most of the time when the preferred/high factor games (usually the $10+range) aren’t available, I’ll opt for a $3-5 game and just buy in groups of ten… so kind of a Lustig strategy but mainly because some retailers get irked when you play one ticket at a time (and I only do this at smaller, less busy boutique retailers, not gas stations or 7-Elevens) and never buy tickets from a machine (that’s just me).

    I’ll generally get 2-3 wins from a 10 ticket buy but sometimes I’ll get four (like this week). Of course there was the time I was 0/10 on a $5 game, buying one ticket at a time with a win/quit goal with a winning ticket (the attendant wasn’t happy either because she had to work). Until today I’ve never had consecutive winning tickets; I’ve had series a couple times with alternating winners/loser but not back to back winners (a ‘ticket’ win and $5).

    Have some sort of a plan, strategy, budget and stick to it. Might win, will probably lose but with bars closed due to COVID-19 it’s from my bar tab/entertainment budget anyway.

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