Buying Lottery Scratch Off Tickets In Bulk [video]

You have to be fairly brave to risk buying whole rolls of scratch off lottery tickets in one go. Or do you..?

Well, here’s one guy who did exactly that.

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Buying Lottery Scratch Off Tickets In Bulk [video]

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  • Lottery Minion

    It’seems all about distribution. Anyone here knows how scratch tickets are distributed? I’ve been monitoring the process from a consumer perspective, and have noticed in a 10 year period certain areas of the state I’m in (LA) only distributes winners in a 10-20 mile radius of other winners, while other parts of the state have never had a single jackpot win. This was alarming to me. I thought the distribution was random, but in fact (from my view) it seems controlled through the distribution process.
    Note: This doesn’t prove anything exactly, but my research is making me question how scratch tickets are sold.

    • LottoAl

      Lottery Minion, I must agree with you. I have been following the Texas Lottery scratch-offs for quite some time and it’s the same way here; certain areas win more often than others. I guess all lotteries follow the same formula or a variation of it.

      • LG

        They do follow the same formula – but that formula is simply randomly distributing ticket rolls 🙂

        Certain areas have more winners because certain areas sell more tickets.

      • Lottery Minion

        LG is right, though the distribution is actually a factor in the winning process. I recently have been checking with 3 places to see how fast they sell tickets (note: some actually order them in advance and have a stash in the back).
        A) is in a slow business district
        B) is right in the heart of a business district
        C) is on the corner of a grocery store
        Which do you think sells the most tickets? It’s “B” (which means more tickets pass through that area giving them a slighter higher chance of getting a jackpot). They went through 10 rolls of tickets all for the same game in a week (that’s high for the end of the month and nowhere near a holiday I was told). While “A” is on it’s 5th roll. “C” was only on it’s 2nd roll which surprised me. Also I have been checking the code number on the back to see if it was in a row in the order they stock them, and it wasn’t at all. One was number 027065 while the next was 268095. Completely out of order.

    • Gwendolyn Brathwaite

      I bought 20 of the $1.00 tickets, sometimes $20.00, $100.00, and sometimes I didn’t win anything. I quit.

  • Lottery Minion

    I have never bought a roll, but I have bought half before (got $80 back out of $50 worth). I do know someone who religiously buys rolls every month. Most of the time all he gets back is half what he starts with. A roll of Louisiana scratch tickets cost $250 for a $5 & $10 roll game. Most odds on these are 1:4 ( I’ve seen him lose on 7 tickets with no win). He nets 7 wins out of each roll of 25 tickets. I’ve researched his playing for nearly 5 years, and the most he’s won is $100 on a ticket every so often, which never gives his money back for the solid roll. I’ve never seen him get more than 70% back of what the roll costs which has lead me to theorize that most packs as a whole are losers if bought in bulk rolls, but there are winners throughout. I also know someone who has won $1000 from getting a roll, so that is why it seems to be a distribution issue of where, and when you get your tickets… not so much in how many you buy.

    • LG

      Well most packs do have to be losers overall as there aren’t enough big winners for there to be one in each. And the lottery company have to make a profit selling them.

      A lot of people get confused by the 1:4 tickets win (most notably Richard Lustig who is famous for getting this wrong). It’s ‘on average’ of course, meaning that because tickets are randomly placed you can buy 10 in a row and not win anything. But then the next 3 might all be winners. If you bought every single ticket printed then 1 out of 4 of them would be winners, and 3 out of 4 would be losers.

      • Lottery Minion

        I spoke to my friend who buys whole rolls, and he actually got only 5 tickets for one. He won $100. It was the last 5 tickets in the pack. Amazing because going by research (in Louisiana scratch games) I have never seen a bigger win happen out of a whole pack multiple times. Meaning he will buy a whole role of $5 or $10 scratch tickets and if he hits $100 that’s the highest value for that whole pack. Everything remaining is of a lesser value unless there’s a $500, $1,000, $5,000, or $jackpot somewhere else in the roll (which he hasn’t won yet).

      • Samuel J Crisafulli

        OK, so here it is. If you buy a whole roll you are guaranteed to win at least half back. So if you bought a roll of $5 tickets which has 60 tickets in it and pay $300, you will win back at least $150. If not then they screwed up, like yesterday day I bought every ticket in 2 rolls back to back the same ticket. I spent $600 total and only won back $175 total from both rolls, and only had 13 winners out of 120 tickets. I even scanned them all too I’m pretty sure that’s grounds for suing the lottery company.

      • LG

        Er no, you are NOT guaranteed to win at least half back. What made you think that?

        It’s possible to buy a whole roll and become an instant multi-millionaire. But it’s also possible to buy a whole roll and win absolutely nothing!

        The lottery company do not provide any guarantees about how many winning tickets there will be per roll, or per number of tickets bought. They simply state how many of the total are winning tickets, then randomly place them.

  • Frederick

    Yes I’d have to be extremely rich before I’d buy a roll and even then it doesn’t sound like the smartest thing to do. Personally I’d just as soon put my money in a piggy bank and not have to pay the 50% vigorish, for what it’s worth.

  • Romy

    I buy a ticket here and there, sometimes I even find them on the Florida lottery because I have a feeling they could be a winner. But I am not willing to spend money I don’t have. I am aware the government is aware of people playing and hoping to win. Thanks for the information.

  • Steve

    They didn’t actually spend $2,700 outright. They BOUGHT $2,700 of tickets.

  • Gary Theisz

    What about the odds on all those 2nd chances! I bet they are much lower.

  • P Ryan

    I live in the UK and I tried this over here with some scratchcards priced at £10 each, I paid £200 in total and won £180 which is a loss of £20 in total. I guess the house always wins as they say but my loss could have been much worse!

  • Lynea J Ransom

    Chattanooga, TN never have big winner, just a lot of free tickets. I played all over the place and never win over $100! I play the losing tickets online and still never won nothing.

  • Michael Sloan

    Yes I did several years ago… 200 x $1.00 tickets from the Ohio Lottery… only got 1/4 th return on my money… Mike.

    • Lottery Minion

      Sounds like how my friend plays. A roll has never net him more than he puts in, but as he told me he isn’t getting whole packs to win back half or 3/4 the roll price, he’s getting them all because all it takes is to miss that one ticket out of a roll and a jackpot has slipped through your fingers.

  • Kevin Garnetto

    I just wanted to know if you buy ten $5 scratch offs and don’t win anything, do you get your money back. Please email me back, thank you!

    • LG

      Sadly no you don’t Kevin. If only :-). But some lottery companies run ‘last chance draws’ for losing tickets – which may give you one more chance to win (check the website of your lottery company to see if they do).

      Maybe you’re thinking of the overall odds figures they give for tickets? You’ll often see something like “Overall chance of winning a prize: 1 in 5”. But it doesn’t guarantee that you will win if you buy 5 tickets, because this is ‘on average’. Which means if they printed 100,000 tickets, then 20,000 of them would be winners. But they are randomly placed, so you could buy 5 tickets and not win at all, or you could buy 5 tickets and win twice.

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