Are Your Chances Of Winning The Lottery Better With Quick Picks?

What are the odds of winning the lottery with quick picks? Are quick picks better than picking your own numbers? [Q] “I’m worried about a …

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Are Your Chances Of Winning The Lottery Better With Quick Picks?

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  • Joe

    I agree. The quick pix is able to pick a more pseudorandom set of numbers than mere humans. Therefore as you say one is more likely to share any winnings if you choose your own numbers. Humans have great difficulty in choosing or recognizing such numbers. Great site – Joe

  • Henry Stanley

    I agree. But I often wonder as I buy my tickets a few days before, if this powerful computer could scan the numbers being picked by the public, and be able to avoid most numbers. I mean in more than 30 years of trying and still no decent winnings.

    • LG

      It would certainly be possible. The lottery companies could allocate combinations that had not already been picked to people buying a quick pick.

      After all, it would still be a fair draw as all combinations theoretically have the same chance of being drawn.

      The main reason they wouldn’t though is rollovers!

      Lottery companies love rollovers. Big jackpots create great publicity and sell a lot more tickets.

      It’s the only reason there are lottery games with insane odds. Look at the chances of winning Mega Millions! Hugely popular but not the game those players should be spending their money on.

    • Kate

      Yes, Henry I’ve thought the same thing too, and maybe easy pick is the way to go. Lol

  • Thrifty

    Quick picks win a lot of the time. The lottery cannot manipulate which combinations you get with a quick pick, because lottery players buy their tickets at different times, days and places. Many players have won with a quick pick line.

    • Gary

      The only problem with quick picks is that the lottery terminal can only generate 20,000 losing combinations, before choosing the same losing combinations all over again.

      • LG

        Hi Gary

        20,000? Depends on the game – I mean there are nearly 14 million combinations for a 6 from 49 game.

        But even then, there’s no memory on the quick pick number generator – so it won’t cover all combinations before starting again, it can repeat at any time.

  • Joe

    Statistically I would agree that per-draw, your chances are equal with whichever numbers you use (whether you pick them, if you let the machine pick them).

    If you play regularly, though, I would think that it would be best to pick a set of numbers and stick with it. You can, again, pick them yourself or let the machine pick them, but once you have “your numbers” I think it makes sense to stick with them.

    Think of your numbers as a target, and the draw is the ‘dart’ … if you’re constantly moving the target around (changing numbers… random quick-pick each week), you’re relying on two random events (the draw and your numbers) to sync up each time. If you keep your numbers the same for each draw, your ‘target’ stays still, and only the weekly drawing numbers have to line up.

    I’m no mathematician, statistician, or even a great gambler, but this is just what makes sense to me. I could be completely wrong about it. But just imagine the sinking-feeling you’d get if your numbers from ‘last week’ won ‘this week’ and you had gone and changed them.

  • Rob

    I have to agree with Joe, that has actually happened to me. I didn’t play my numbers one week and I would have won money. It wasn’t a jackpot, but still was mad at myself. I will never do that again. I’ve always used quick picks and haven’t won hardly anything. I say use your numbers, they are yours for a reason!

    • LG

      Hey Rob,

      We’re just about verging on the realms of ‘superstition’ here. And lottery companies do like it when we get protective over numbers, because it means we play more often, i.e. “I can’t miss this week, it might be the week my numbers come up”. They’re well aware of the psychology and certainly wouldn’t do anything to harm the perception – why hurt your ticket sales? :-). It works really well for them when they decide to introduce an extra draw in the week too – “must play my numbers on Wednesday as well now, just in case…”.

      It doesn’t actually matter if you play the same numbers for 10 years straight, they are still (in mathematical terms*) just as likely to come up in the next draw as any other set of numbers. So sticking or changing really doesn’t make any difference.

      But if you like your numbers, by all means stick with them as there’s no real harm in it.

      It’s not playing at all that really hurts your chances 🙂

  • Ron

    In the 2 groups I play I have been asked “If I join the group can you Guarantee we will win?” and my answer is “no, but if you don’t play I Guarantee you won’t win”.

  • Nini

    That’s why I play one set of my own and one quick pick. It does not matter, if it is your day it is your day. Good luck all.

  • Tyler

    In North Carolina, I’ve discovered that the “quick picks” are not really random numbers at all. Today, for example, I bought five tickets for the “cash 5” game, which is won by matching all five lottery numbers 1 to 39. My $5 ticket consisted of five sets of numbers ($1 each set). Two of the number sets are identical except for one number! This cannot be the result of a truly “random” selection. Something fishy is going on.

    • LG

      No, that’s actually just evidence that the system is working randomly 🙂

      If it was impossible for 2 very similar combinations to be generated like this then there would be something fishy going on.

    • Raul

      Well, it is more likely to see that happening in a ticket, than to win the jackpot. So anything is possible no matter how low the odds are, we wouldn’t be playing otherwise.

  • Arjun

    I always play with 10, 23, 24, 30, 33 & 33

    I have been playing these numbers for a while but since I have 33 twice, I feel like the probability of it happening is much less. Though I’d admit I play these numbers because I don’t want to be in a situation where these numbers show up and I didn’t have a ticket! That’d suck!

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