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Win Lotto Systems Review

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Win Lotto Systems is a software and ebook package designed to help lottery players win smaller prizes more often.

The idea is that you should win a regular stream of smaller prizes, whilst waiting for that big jackpot win to come along.

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Win Lotto Systems eBook

The ebook is 50 pages long, but is all useful content and not waffle. It was originally designed by Mark Collard, and is now published by Professor William Foster (and yes, this one is actually a real professor).

Some of the ideas originate from James Gray-Brown who wrote the short book “Who Wants To Be A Lottery Millionaire” – out of print for many years now.

It comes in 4 parts and overall is pretty easy to follow and understand.

Part 1 is mainly introductory explanation, which is necessary to justify the approach the author ultimately takes. Some might get a bit lost with a couple of pages of the maths mentioned here – but it’s not necessary to understand those bits, so you can just skim over.

Then Part 2 moves on to explain ‘Win Lotto Systems’ itself. Firstly introducing the 3 different systems for different playing budgets – Thrift, Econo and Power. Then explaining how to apply it based on your chosen playing budget and game.

It’s designed for 5, 6, and 7 number lottery draws – so pretty much all games in every country. You can play with as little as 7 tickets, or up to hundreds which is useful for syndicate play.

Note: It does not cover Pick 3 or Pick 4 types games. I don’t recommend playing these games anyway as the big prizes are just too small.

Part 3 details all the systems available to you, and takes you through some specific examples of how you can combine them to cover more numbers at less cost. Part 4 is then just a brief summary.

Win Lotto Systems Software

The software is pretty basic looking and runs under Windows only (there may be a Mac or Linux version one day, but for now definitely Windows only).

It’s been designed only to apply the specific systems discussed in the Win Lotto Systems ebook. Which means it’s easy to use and free of any unecessary clutter.

A results checker is included to save you having to analyse each ticket.

What They Say

  • Makes it up to 10 times easier to win smaller prizes
  • Without hurting your chances of winning the big prizes
  • Keeps things simple – no complex charting or equations
  • Gives you the best chance of winning whatever your budget

What I Think

This is one of the rare lottery books that actually gets the basics correct. There is no mumbo jumbo or silly science here – the author knows and understands why analysing historical results cannot help you. Instead he simply focuses on sensible playing strategies.

Can you get better lottery software?

Without a doubt you can get far more advanced software. The problem is it will include lots of useless features that analyse numbers and attempt to predict results.

The Win Lotto Systems software is designed to be simple. It does only what it needs to, and as a result is very easy to use. Trust me, I’ve seen and tried to use some horribly designed lottery software!

So, if you want good common sense advice and a solid playing strategy that is easy to use, then Win Lotto Systems is recommended.

If however you want something that can predict results, or provide similar miracles then this is not for you.

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What You Say

Of the 4 systems that I have invested my hard earned money in, it is the only system that has returned money on a consistent basis.

My budget is $30.00AU per week and on average over the last 12 weeks I have won $26.50 per week. Keeps me playing regularly for minimal cost.

The claiment shoots himself in the foot by claiming he only recouped 92% of his outlay that means the system lost 8%! If the system works, all it seems to do is cut your losses to a minimum, making it cheap to play.
LG: But cheap to play is a good thing. It’s the best you can possibly get until hitting the jackpot!

Bought the tickets as suggested, won 1 time. That’s it. Got 10 Euro’s back from the 40 I spend playing. It’s a lost.
LG: You’re missing the point – winning small prizes while waiting for a big one. Read the book again.

Had Win Lotto Systems 6 months now, hit 4 ball win 4 times already, and lots of 3 ball wins.

The software works, no doubt about it. But the million dollar question is: How to select the most likely possible numbers to be drawn for the next draw? Is there any software that can help to narrow down the range to 15 possible numbers or less than that?
LG: Sorry, no there isn’t. I can point you to lots of software that claims to predict results, but none of it works.

I have owned WinLottoSystems for about 2 years. Good concept but too expensive for my South Carolina Cash 5 game which plays 7 days per week. This system offers limited coverage of numbers unless I play more than 8 numbers per draw. I would like to play at least 16 numbers but $16 per draw 7 draws per week is $112.
LG: Play more numbers in less draws! Put your playing budget into 1 draw per week.

I’ve used this system for a while now. Well over a year. But the main thing to take away from the the story here is the winning of the smaller prizes till you can hit a big one. That is the real “diamond” of this system. If you check out the odds for the lower prizes you will see. This one idea turned my lotto performance totally around. They also have some great wheeling combinations in their system. The only drawbacks to the system IMHO are: The amount of lines that must be played for the numbers chosen. No data system to track and analyze numbers for future draws. Their belief that you cannot predict future numbers to some degree. I have had great success doing that this year. It just takes a lot of work.

I bought the Win Lotto Systems ebook, back in August. Since then, I have won smaller prizes 3 out of every 4 times I play. This system is the real deal.

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Please share you views or experiences of Win Lotto Systems by adding your comment or review below. Thanks, LG.

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  • Mezouri

    If you refer to wheeling systems they are free on the net. So far the only thing working is to wheel all the 49 numbers in 163 combinations. This is pure math and guarantees a 3/6.
    The wheel is free on the net.

    • LG

      Win Lotto Systems is not just a wheeling system (did you read the review..?).

      But the difference between a good wheel and a bad one is vast. Yes, the internet is full of free wheeling systems and good luck to you if you choose to use them. But why shave a few dollars when every lottery ticket you buy in future depends on it..!? Makes no sense to me. If you want quality wheeling systems then get Bluskov’s book.

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