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The Iowa Lottery Fraud Case & Eddie Tipton

September 4th, 2015 · Read 46 Comments...

How many times has the lottery been rigged in the last 100 years..?The number of genuine attempts to ‘rig the lottery’ can be counted on the fingers of one hand — and still leave fingers left over for future use.

Why? Because in any country where the Government is generally not corrupt the national and state lottery games have overseers, auditors and just plain lots of people involved who aren’t dishonest and ‘notice stuff’. Read More

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[Lottery Quiz] Question 3 – Getting Wheely Good Now

June 4th, 2015 · Read 25 Comments...

polarskateChief Polar Bear has a new toy – but it’s much misunderstood in the North Pole this concept of ‘wheels’.

It works, but sometimes he can’t help thinking the hype is better than the reality. (Especially when it comes to skateboards in the snow, and it tends to do the snow thing a lot round here). Read More

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[Lottery Quiz] Question 2 – It’s A Pole Party (Dancing Optional)

May 31st, 2015 · Read 15 Comments...


It’s a sociable place the North Pole, although it’s hard to get groups to mix sometimes. Those arctic foxes can be a little snooty and don’t like hanging out with the polar bears. You know how it is. But that doesn’t stop them all partying up there – it helps keep the chills at bay. Read More

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[Lottery Quiz] Question 1 – Announcing the North Pole Lottery

May 29th, 2015 · Read 15 Comments...


So we are playing the North Pole Lottery (what do you mean you’ve never heard of it..?). It’s a 6 balls from 49 draw, and is very popular with polar bears and arctic foxes. You can buy tickets with regular old cash, or trade with fresh fish at the local ticket outlets. Read More

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Why You Should Play ‘Roll Down’ Lottery Draws

October 29th, 2014 · Read 7 Comments...

roll-down-drawsThe fact is ‘roll down’ draws greatly increase your chances of winning a larger prize.

But for some reason, not many people seem to be aware of what they are, or when they happen.

What Is A Roll Down?

Not every lottery game has one. In fact, most don’t.

But for games that DO have a roll down rule, they can occur either in a game with a jackpot cap (i.e. Read More

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