Lottery Secrets Revealed...


We all want to know the secrets to winning the lottery, right?

But like all the best secrets, the real lottery secrets are hidden in plain view.

Here's What I Mean

Deep down I think we all realise that nobody can actually predict lottery numbers. It's just not possible. I've seen endless crazy maths over the years, and some truly wacky Excel spreadsheets.

But none of it can overcome the fact that the lottery is just balls bouncing around in a plastic bubble. And those balls do not remember what happened last week. Each draw is unique, and random.

Think about it for a moment. If ANYONE could predict lottery results, even just the tiniest bit, it would PROVE the lottery game was NOT random! And do you realise how much legal trouble the operators would be in for running an unfair lottery? It has NEVER happened.

Here's The Real Lottery Secrets

(Note: there's just not enough space to explain these in detail, so I'm just going to give the quick and dirty version here - I explain better in my lottery tips newsletter)

  1. Play the right game. Don't just blindly pick the game with the biggest prize. Games with huge jackpots are stupidly hard to win.
  2. Don't spread your money over lots of different games and scratch cards. Work out which are best (my free lottery compare tool helps here) and focus.
  3. You don't have to play every draw. More entries in less draws gives you better odds.
  4. Buying more entries gives a better chance of winning. So together with the above, plan how you are going to spend your budget. And stick to your plan.
  5. Playing in a group can be more fun, and you can afford a lot more tickets. That's why syndicates win more often.
  6. Enjoy playing. If it stops being fun, find a different hobby.
  7. If you hit the jackpot, do everything you can to avoid publicity. Yes, the media circus can be fun, but the begging letters and crazies will arrive in droves and they won't go away anytime soon.

That's it. If anything didn't make sense get in touch or grab my free lottery tips course which will help explain a lot more.