Powerball Winner Brad Duke’s Lottery System

Brad Duke won big on the Powerball. He pocketed $85 Million after the tax and lump sum option were taken into account. But he claims to have had a sys…

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Powerball Winner Brad Duke’s Lottery System

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  • Mickey

    Here is a tip, although the numbers could be 9,8,7,6,5 don’t play em, it’s highly unlikely it will win.

    • LG

      Hi Mickey

      But the fact is that combination is only exactly as unlikely as any other combination. Just because it makes a pattern doesn’t make those balls less likely to pop out of the machine.

      You might want to avoid it anyway though, because lots of people play consecutive numbers — and sharing a jackpot with a 1,000 people isn’t quite as much fun 🙂

  • Laban

    Thank you Lottery-Guy. I almost fell 4 the trick. I was looking for a “perfect software”. At least now I know the truth.

  • Martin Singh

    Hi Please can Brad Duke please make contact with me regarding business in the UK. Seeking work in US.

    Many Thanks
    Martin Singh
    +44 (0) 751 719 4449

  • John Goodman

    True winning the lottery is luck but there are ways to reduce the odds. Take for example playing the same winning numbers as last week. How many times have winning numbers from the previous week repeated. Zero. In fact, previous jackpot winning numbers may not have repeated for over 20 years. So a system that eliminates such a combination helps. Such a reduction in odds will not likely get you the jackpot but it eliminates unlikely numbers. But I still agree that lottery winning is 99.99999 luck.

    • LG

      Hi John

      Last weeks winning numbers are unlikely to be drawn this week. But only exactly as unlikely as every other combination. Just like when you roll a dice, you still have the same 1-in-6 chance of getting the same number again. So this is not actually a valid technique to reduce the odds I’m afraid.

      It actually already happened too in one game. See this blog post about the repeat lottery numbers in Bulgaria. It was literally 2 draws in a row.

  • John Goodman

    Reason why I do not believe in these so called lottery winning systems is that if I have one I will not sell it for any price. I will be too busy winning lotteries and spending the money on myself and charities that I will not be begging people to become winners by buying my system for $19.99.

  • Larry Andrews

    Don’t all lotteries use multiple sets of balls which makes it even more random? Has anyone tried to find a pattern within a certain set? Not that the lotteries let us know in advance of the drawing which set they are using.

    • LG

      They also change balls, service things, change parts etc without telling us. So there is an awful lot of random going on.

      There’s a huge amount of believe who believe they can track patterns and predict them though, but as yet nobody has actually been able to prove it…

  • Marjan Novotni

    Lottery Guy, in random events the more you repeat your experiments the closer and closer you come to the theoretical probability. If I roll a dice 6 times I should see 1,2,3,4,5,6 all appear once in theory, but of course this may not happen. But I roll that dice 1000 times, 10000000 times the closer and closer the numbers come out as 1/6! So in lotteries we should see every combination come out once at least!

    • LG

      Yes, eventually. (Although not sure what this was in response to..?)

      Although I’d slightly disagree with the ‘should’ in your dice example. ‘Could’ perhaps, but not ‘should’ :-).

  • Rule Let

    I have always questioned lottery systems that so-call work. I have studied lots. None actually giving me more than when I started. Currently trying to create my own system.
    I’m told that every game is random. I’m a look for patterns kind a gal, and some numbers do come in more than others. I question if some of these random games are randomly rigged.

    • LG

      Hey Rule

      Sadly most lottery systems and prediction software are based on poor understanding, or bad conclusions drawn from the evidence. The sellers of the worst of which really don’t care if they work or not, because they’ve banked your money by then 🙁

      The problem with random is that sometimes it doesn’t look that way. And in a proper random system, that’s normal — because all results are possible. Can you roll three 6’s in a row with a perfectly random dice – yes. But it shouldn’t happen too often.

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