Powerball Winner Brad Duke’s Lottery System

Brad Duke won big on the Powerball. He pocketed $85 Million after the tax and lump sum option were taken into account. But he claims to have had a sys…

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Powerball Winner Brad Duke’s Lottery System

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  • Ken

    Well, that’s a complex system. Obviously, I don’t see any reason why Brad would spell out his way of winning millions. I think it’s luck and some strategy that anyone who play lottery go with. Thought I’d share, thanks for nice write-up.

  • Good Will

    I invented a time machine. It only allows me to go back one day…but that’s enough. I will win the next big lottery.

  • Chen

    You really need to come up with your own system that works for your state. When it comes to systems, they can work for short periods and go cold for short periods also. There is no guaranteed system that works all the time. Good Luck!

    • LG

      If it “works for short periods then doesn’t”, that just proves it’s random luck when it ‘works’.

      Or in other words – there is no way to predict the lottery… 🙄

  • Sandra Hayes

    I completely agree! It’s bogus to think that one number is stronger than another. I understand that there are statistics and mathematics involved in calculating your ODDS of winning. But being able to manipulate the lottery in your favor? I don’t think so. It’s all luck. I won the lottery in 2006 and I believe that I was LUCKY. God saw it fit for me to win, but I had the same odds as everyone else!

    • LG

      Hey Sandra

      Congrats on your win, and the luck that went with it :-).

      Don’t forget of course though that the lottery is a tax on the stupid – and we’re all just mathematically inept for even thinking about buying a ticket 😉

      • Sandra Hayes

        In response the the question that was posted by Corey Knight.

        I am not sure if a real lottery book or program exists that will help you to win the lottery, I truly believe it is pure luck.

      • LG

        Which numbers come out of the machine on the night is pure luck, and not something you can predict.

        But your overall strategy can greatly affect your chances of guessing right. I’m not talking miracle systems of course, just having a sensible strategy to start with.

  • Corey Knight

    Can u tell me where can I buy a real lottery book or programe that can help me win the lottery

  • Peter

    There is no absolute – past numbers with wheeling might help – the numbers you pick may follow the trend or lay out of the winning numbers – but if I am fortunate to get two numbers as in Powerball after almost a year playing – well what more can I say – “once more unto the breach dear friends…”

  • Ryan

    I would argue there are some mathematics and statistics behind it. But there are very high level of mathematics and statistics – game theory and almost moving into chaos theory mathematics.

    If I told you that humans were predictable and finite without really having free will you’d probably scoff and/or laugh. In economics, we often assume perfect information in many of the models regarding competition, and assume so for the sake of argument.

    The bare nature of competition is making sure you have information that the other guy(s) doesn’t or doesn’t know you have. So right there many economic models become almost child-like compared to real world activities.

    • LG

      Well there’s barely anything mathematical behind Brad’s system – he uses the most commonly drawn numbers, that’s it. Not revolutionary and not helpful.

      It’s easy to overcomplicate the lottery with maths. But at the end of the day it is just a bunch of ping pong balls bouncing around a plastic drum. And no amount of clever maths is ever going to predict which ping pong balls come out. That’s the way it’s designed to be. If it failed to be unpredictable, they’d change the draw method.

  • Ivan

    If he has a working system, he should have won multiple times. He’s damn lucky and that’s it.

  • Steve

    Good morning Guy!

    Your site is fantistic! Thank you for your reply so quickly !

    Just want to share a bit of information (in the event no one knows), remember Robert Seritic? In the 80’s he won two lotteries back to back in I think it was Yugoslavia (memory fades me). Then he came out with the publication “Lotto USA”, IT WAS FREE! He gave lottery tips, charts, graphs and of course more info for $$.

    Where is this genius today? Just goes to show you how efficatious your information is Guy. Love to hear back from you on this if possible.

    As always

  • Sandra

    FYI – NBC Dateline will air this Sunday 3/3/13 an hour long segment about multi-million dollar lottery winners. That show should be interesting.

    • LG

      Thanks for the heads-up Sandra.

      Look out for that one folks, should be interesting (so long as it’s not one of those dreary ‘lottery winners gone bad’ efforts, and focuses on the vast majority who are very happy with their wins instead!)

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