Can you do any better?

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I hope you've enjoyed these tips so far, and made some changes to the way you play.

Because if you make the changes I recommend, then you really will give yourself a better chance of winning.

And not just once, but every single time you play.

That could be the difference between winning, and NOT winning a jackpot in your lifetime!

There is more I can show you of course.

And I mean more without getting into all those crazy junk 'systems' - which really are as useful as a chocolate teapot.

Which is why I created my Private Strategy Group.

It's a group of players, just like yourself, that are fed up with crazy promises and just want the real stuff that does work. Without the hype and half-baked theories.

It's also just a fun community of lottery players. Hey, we even have a newsletter.

And we'd love you to join us.

It's not for everyone, but if you like stuff that makes sense and actually works rather than airy fairy made up junk, then this is it :-)

You can get full details here:-

Either way, I've got a couple more things, and some useful questions and answers I want to share with you.

So whilst that's the end of the main 'free tips' don't go away - unless you're fed up of me by now.

I'll be in touch in a few days time.

Be Lucky,


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