Play less -> win more?

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Today's tip surprises a lot of people.

But as you're already starting to learn about me - I don't care much for 'theories'.

There's far too much airy fairy garbage out there, that is nothing more than a half-baked unproven theory.

Theories are fine, IF you prove they work before telling the world about your great new 'system'.

But as we already know, there are lots of people out there who care far less about results than they do about how much they can make selling their junk system..!

So even though this tip may seem wrong, and may even boggle your maths abilities -- it's fact, not theory.

I'm not going to bore you with the maths here (I know, relieved right?)

But the fact is: if you play less often, your overall chances of winning are better.

Let me explain that with an example before you hit reply, and tell me I'm clearly out of my mind

Say you normally play the UK Lotto on Wednesday and Saturday. And you buy 5 tickets in each draw.

If you drop the Wednesday draw completely, and instead buy 10 tickets for Saturday, your chances of winning have actually increased.

The same number of tickets overall, played in less draws, have a better chance of winning.

Now, the fun factor is very important here.

One of the main reasons to play is the fun. And this increase in chances is only minor.

So I'm certainly not saying you should save up all your tickets and play once a year!

But if you find yourself playing every day, think about dropping to 2 or 3 times a week only.

Or if you do play both weekly draws of a game, then consider switching to just one.

Don't let superstition stop you either.

Some people find this hard because they worry that their regular numbers might come up if they stop playing a draw.

(The lottery companies like that fear because it sells a lot more tickets. It's why they introduce extra draws instead of new games...)

But they are only 'your numbers' if you play them. Yes, they may come up. But it's now a bit more likely that your new larger set of numbers will come up in the draws when you do play.

Trust me on this one - or I'll send you the maths ;-)

Look out for another email from me tomorow.

Be Lucky,


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