What Is The Best Lottery Game To Play And Win?

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Right now, today, you can make a simple change to the way you play, and get a huge increase in your chances of winning.

That's no empty promise either.

Because nearly all lottery players never even give this a thought, or just get it plain wrong.

And virtually nobody teaches you to do this.

It sounds so simple that many people reading this will simply dismiss it, and go on losing.

Don't be one of them!

OK. So humour me for just a moment longer

Think about the games you play regularly - how did you choose those games?

By far the most common answer to that is 'dunno'.

Followed very closely by - 'the big jackpot'.

If that's you we're about to boost your chances of winning by about 10-50 times.

TIP: Lottery games are hard to win, but as a general rule, the bigger the jackpot the harder it is to win it.

So the key here is to decide how much is big enough?

I can't tell you the answer to that, because it depends on what you want.

But these 2 simple questions will help you get there:-

  1. How much would it take to clear all your bills, pay off your house and car, and let you live a stress-free life?
  2. Would a 100M jackpot make your life any different to winning a 10M jackpot?

While you think about those, take a closer look at the games available to you.

Most lottery companies have a website so that's the best place to start. (If not, go to where you normally buy tickets and pick up - or ask for - any leaflets that explain all the games available)

Look specifically at the jackpots, and at the odds.

You might have to dig around to find the answers, but this is vital so take the time to find them.

Now compare those odds.

Some games will be as much as 100+ times harder to win than others!

Of course the prize will be bigger...

But wouldn't you rather have a better chance of actually winning it..?

So for the best lottery game to play choose the game with the jackpot that is big enough for you. And ignore the games with the crazy jackpots.

Making this simple switch in the game you regularly play can instantly increase your chances of walking away with a jackpot by 50 times, possible even more.

QUICK WARNING: Don't go too small. There's not much point playing Pick 3 if the prize isn't big enough to change your life.

Please don't be one of the people who dismisses this tip as 'stupid and obvious'.

Sure, it is stupidly obvious.

So obvious that most players fail to do it..!?

Don't be one of those

Be Lucky,


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