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Let me throw another seemingly obvious question at you...

If you normally play 1 ticket per draw but instead decide to buy 2 tickets -- what happens to your odds?

Lots of people get this wrong.

I've often been told by people they only play 1 ticket because buying more than that makes no difference.


It makes a big difference.

Buying 2 tickets just DOUBLED your chances.

Again, lots of people get this wrong. And it is important to understand it (or just accept it).

Yes, your odds are probably still pretty bad, but they are twice as good as they were.

If you're still not sure on this, here's a quick example:-


If you roll a dice and guess one number, your chances of being right are 1-in-6.

So if you guess two numbers instead, your chances are now 2-in-6. Because you've covered 2 of the 6 possible results.

The answer is NOT 1-in-5, because there are still 6 sides on the dice!


A lottery game is exactly the same - it's just like a very big dice with a huge number of sides.

Which means...

The more sides (or combinations) you cover, the better your chances of winning.

And exactly the same follows if you buy more tickets.

- 10 tickets is 10 times the chance
- 50 tickets is 50 times the chance
- 100 tickets is 100 times the chance

Now nobody should ever spend more on tickets than they can afford to lose.

But think about how many tickets you buy, and decide if buying more would make sense.

(This is especially important for what comes next)

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