OK, you deserve a break

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Congratulations on getting this far.

Because not everyone does!

There's some more tips to come, but today is an easy day.

If you've done the work so far, then here's what you've already achieved:-

  • got more focussed on the game/s you play (~10-50 times better chance of winning)
  • stopped wild scattergun ticket buying (saved some money or made it available for...)
  • revised your budget to buy more tickets (~2-10 times better chance of winning)
  • joined or decided against a syndicate (you can of course buy tickets AND play in a syndicate too, if budget allows)

Without looking at the changes you've made I don't know how much better your chances are now.

But I've seen players achieve results of anywhere between 10 and 200 times the chance of winning, just by making these simple changes.

Of course if you haven't had time to make those changes yet, then today is a great day to start.

Look out for another email from me tomorow.

Be Lucky,


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