Review Guidelines

All genuine reviews of Lottery Guy are published with the exception of those that breach the following guidelines:-

  • Genuine Customer - I can't publish feedback (good or bad) if we can't verify it is genuine. Which is why I ask for name and email for all submitted feedback.
  • Be Fair - Bad reviews are absolutely fine if that's how you feel. Not everyone likes what I teach as it often goes against long-held beliefs. Just explain clearly what you didn't like and why.
  • Be Fair Pt. 2 - Don't slam me with a 1 Star rating just because of an admin error. Problems happen sometimes, so please at least give us a chance to fix this kind of thing first :-).
  • Spam Submissions - reviews that are really just thinly veiled promotions of other things will be deleted.
  • Duplicate Submissions - much as I love getting your feedback, if the same thing is submitted over and over again, the duplicates will be deleted. Just once is enough :-)
  • Plagiarism - feedback should be 100% in your own words and not copied from anywhere else.
  • Unique - I can't publish reviews that have already been published elsewhere, even if they are your own. Please write something fresh, even if it says mostly the same thing.
  • Offensive Language - reviews containing profanity will be minimally edited, either to mask swear words or remove them. The general tone (good or bad) will remain unaltered.
  • Personally Identifiable/Private Information - I can't publish your phone number or email address. This is for your own good! You should see some of the emails I get ;-).
  • Impersonation - Don't pretend to be someone else. Post feedback using your own name and email - only genuine verifiable customers reviews will get published anyway.

If you have any questions or concerns about this policy or any feedback published on the site, please do contact me.

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