When Is Random Really Random..?

When you’re playing the lottery random matters. Because you want to know that you have a fair chance of winning. There are an awful lot of peopl…

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When Is Random Really Random..?

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  • Proven Facts

    There is one way to prove if the Powerball and Mega Millions is rigged. Lottery players need to form an independent website where players can fact check their Powerball and Mega Millions tickets in the database.

    If their quick pick tickets match other players quick pick tickets for the same draw… BOOM… we’ll know for sure the lottery is rigged. 🙂

    • LG

      … or we could just accept that there is no point in rigging games that make a ton of profit whilst being run perfectly fairly… 🙂

      • Proven Facts

        Or you can continue to believe the delusion that the lottery and government are perfect little angels with halos, who would never think of lying to or cheating the average American. *cough taxes… cough corporate bailout… COUGH Eddie Tipton COUGH* 😀

      • LG

        But Eddie Tipton isn’t “the government”, he’s a convicted criminal who got caught stealing for his own personal benefit.

  • Proven Facts


    The lottery knows beforehand who is going to win, when they’re going to win it, and how much they’ll win. Just take a look at the winning patterns on USAMega… Last year New York won both the Powerball and Mega Millions in the same month.

    I challenge you to look back to 2013 and see how many times Florida, New York, and California have won major jackpots.

    Pick your own numbers and never spend more than $3 per purchase. Don’t let the lottery take away your hard earned money just to increase jackpots.

    It only takes one dollar (two for Powerball) to win people! 🙂

    These are the same people who said the Earth was flat, man came from monkeys, the Universe began with a bang 100 billion years ago, and mankind survived the Van Allen radiation belts, landed on the moon, and returned to Earth safely without a scratch. 🙂

  • Dale

    On the majority of Mega and Fantasy tickets I buy, if spending $2 or more (usually $5) I see the same mega number picked on at least 2 lines out of 5, and the same fantasy number on the same 2 or 3 lines out of 5. What are the odds of this? Seems to be manipulation to randomly decrease your odds at winning and multiply this over thousands of buys and boom, no winners that night and the pot gets bigger.

  • Desmond

    Yes, true every ball has the same chance of being drawn. But the odds are not the same. Units= 9 balls, 10’s = 10 balls, 20’s = 10 balls, 30’s = 10 balls. But in a 6 from 45 game there are only 6 balls in the 40’s group. So the odds of a 40’s ball drawing are much higher than the others.

    • LG

      Yes, the odds of ‘one of 10 balls’ is going to be more likely than the odds of ‘one of 6 balls’ – because, as you say, there’s more of them :-).

      But that’s a different thing. It doesn’t mean 33 is more likely than 43. And you don’t win anything for picking 33 if the ball drawn was 34.

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