Derren Brown Reveals Secret Of Lottery System Scams

Did you guess how ‘Derren Brown: The System’ worked? Did you spot it even before the coin toss trick? [If you want to know more about how …

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Derren Brown Reveals Secret Of Lottery System Scams

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  • Andreas

    It’s possible that Derren had already bought tickets for all the horses, and swapped them when realizing who would win the race. I couldn’t see him doing so, but we didn’t get to see them the entire race.

    There weren’t more people involved in the last race of course, since Derren was with that woman all the way through.

    I did realize how he did it pretty soon though.

    After watching the coin thing, I just threw one five times for the fun of it, and it was heads all five times.

  • Overtoe

    It definitely WAS that he put the bet on all horses, that much money is nothing for channel 4.

    In one of his books, and in ALL books on mentalism one of the simplest tricks is to say something along the lines of “think of a number between 1 and 10,” you then have 10 pieces of paper with 1 to 10 planted around your person.

    If they say “6” you reach into your number 6 pocket and you look like you anticipated their choice and are somehow psychic or you persuaded them to choose 6 with “psychological insight” or whatever you want them to believe when all it is is a simple trick.

    That’s all he had to do with the tickets at the end, if hers won he looks amazing, if another won he pulls the corresponding ticket out that he heroically “switched” with his mystical system.

    He looks amazing, channel 4 pay what, £20,000 for tickets but increase ratings for his shows raking in more money from advertisers!

  • Chris h 4580

    Reply to 4th feb….
    A little slight of hand… And a good tv budget… Worth putting a bid on all those horses, to get a successful tv show!!!!

  • sash

    I wonder why such people as Darren Brown or Uri Geller, if so good, then why not turn this goodness into God Use and, for example, find Mr O Binladen ?

  • LG

    Hi Sash. Mostly because TV magic and mind tricks are not much use for locating CIA’s most wanted! It’s good entertainment, that’s all.

  • Lynda

    sash – we all know that Darren Brown is Derren Browns brother.

  • c chattaway

    i am sure derren brown did this trick a long time ago on tele and told us how it worked – does anyone else remember it remember you gey nowt for free in this world.

  • nij0

    so how does he pick the lottery numbers for tonights show 09/09/09. the winner with the correct answer gets a woooooo and a clap from us all.

  • Oli Walker

    How long did he spend filming the coin toss?
    About 20 hours?

    He’s said he’s spent about a year preparing for the lottery prediction…

  • LG

    So how did Derren predict the lottery results? Post your answers, theories, cries of cheat to How Derren Won The Lottery

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