The Iowa Lottery Fraud Case & Eddie Tipton

The number of genuine attempts to ‘rig the lottery’ can be counted on the fingers of one hand — and still leave fingers left over for future use.

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The Iowa Lottery Fraud Case & Eddie Tipton

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  • Jim

    As someone who lived in Las Vegas for 15 years, I can tell you that anytime human beings have contact with money, there will always be cheaters. Those that play and those that run the casinos. They don’t have to cheat because they use such sophisticated technology that guarantees them a huge percentage. You might call that a form of cheating. I read where the largest casino in the world Winstar located just north of Dallas in Oklahoma is paying off the state in the form of fines rather than let their patrons win that 20% on their slots because it is apparently cheaper just to pay the fines than let people win some money. That being said, I think anything is possible when human beings come in contact with huge sums of money. If they can figure out a way to get that money, they will cheat regardless of who is doing the cheating. The bottom line is you just can’t trust anyone in this day and age. There will always be that doubt. I play the lottery very sparingly these days. It’s better to keep your hard earned money in your pocket than to gamble it on such ridiculous odds.

  • Joseph

    If you are accused of being a “stooge” & part of a cover up then these people can unsubscribe, I think they are frustrated that they did not win in the lottery games. The house makes tons of cash and they would be stupid to even think of rigging the games. I am playing for nearly 50 years without any big winnings, and I do not believe in crazy systems (yes I tried a couple of times). I am looking forward to Lady Luck calling upon me. L.G. I like to read comments and information, and stories. Keep up the good work. Joe

  • Keith

    I have been on the longest drought of non winners on cash five. I can usually count on a $2 winner in 8-10 tries. But I’m probably zero for 40-50. Is anyone noticing fewer payouts? I read that Illinois lottery didn’t have the money to pay a winner.

  • Peterspc

    The only way to beat any number games is to look for reoccurring patterns, and that can take maybe 1 to 2 years. I have discovered such via a roulette auto wheel but not in the lottery?

  • Greg

    I wouldn’t play a computer generated game if the tickets were free. Too many ways for someone to rig the bet. The ping pong balls leave patterns that can be detected, tracked, and strategized. Thereby slicing the odds against you. Every year they add another number or two to the mix. Thereby making it harder to hit the money. Games like the Mega and Powerball only have a hand full of winners a year as the odds are astronomical (I don’t even bother). As a result more players are gravitating to the lower odds (and lower jackpot) games. Many states used to offer 2 plays for a dollar in their Pick 6 games. Only Oregon does that now. Bottom line is that the best days of the lottery are gone. It’s a sucker bet.

    • LG

      Er, there’s only 1 way to rig a computer based draw Greg – and Eddie just got 10 years in prison for even trying 🙂

      Not saying I like computer draws (I don’t), but let’s dislike them for the right reasons – i.e. as you said, the greater potential for bias in a mechanical ball based draw.

  • Frederick Leiserson

    Greetings, they added more numbers to the lottery to make sure nobody accidentally wins. That should tell you something.

  • Maurice

    I think conspiracy theorists are the majority in the lottery field, LOL.

  • Lance

    We all know that the odds of winning a jackpot, in any lottery, are astronomical – and they always have been irrespective of technological changes. I play regularly but not for the jackpot (because that’s only a dream) I play to win small dividends on a regular basis.

  • Tammy

    UK national lottery changed payouts less than two years ago so you get more for the lower balls but less for matching more.
    They are now changing it all again.
    Conspiracy my rear end. Since the rules change they added the odds of winning a prize. (Not the jackpot, but a prize)
    Before the changes I won a small amount roughly 2-3 draws.
    Now I’ve won 2 x £25 wins for matching 3 balls in all that time.
    Somethings not right and too many people noticed so they’re changing the rules again from October.

    • LG

      The UK Lotto made changes in 2013 because ticket sales had been steadily falling for years.

      But I think maybe you misunderstood those changes – ‘win more’ meant you win a greater amount for matching 3 balls, i.e. £25 instead of £10. So you did win more. They didn’t say you would ‘win more often‘ because the odds did not change.

      With the new changes being introduced in October they are adding more balls, so the odds will now be worse for all the previous prize tiers (which will result in bigger rollovers – by design). They are adding other changes too such as a free ticket for matching 2 balls and a Millionaire Raffle. But it’s all just marketing – you either like the game changes or not, there’s no conspiracy. If the changes don’t result in better sales, they’ll change it again.

  • Tammy

    It is all rigged and they not only change the rules but blatently smile as they lie to you saying you’ll win more.
    Oh and they want to make money as profitable businesses look good. The lottery is a business and the good causes thing is a seperate part of it run under a charitable status.
    The lottery isn’t a charitable status it is a business so profit comes first.
    Odds mean nothing anymore and playing smarter means nothing.
    I’ve been using Stefans perms which have served me well in the past yet now they struggle.
    Has anyone documented the amount of rollovers since this change and has it increased as I suspect?

    • LG

      All lotteries are designed to make a profit, that’s perfectly normal :-).

      Stefans systems are on my Bad list I’m afraid – Winslips in particular is very poor.

    • Lottoal

      Yes, Tammy I have notice there are less jackpot winners in all the big games. Even the scratch-off games don’t have the big jackpot winners like they used too. And they keep adding more numbers to the grid to make it more difficult to produce winning tickets.

      • LG

        But that’s in the USA though isn’t it Al? They have steadily made the jackpots for the big US games harder to win. To create more rollovers, and bigger jackpots. Which sells more tickets. Nothing sneaky, just blatant profiteering 🙂 But the best way to vote against that is to switch games.

        The UK Lotto hasn’t changed the odds (until now – from October).

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