Gail Howard’s “Lotto: How to Wheel a Fortune” Review

Gail Howard claims 106 lottery jackpots for her wheeling systems. Using ‘Balanced Wheels’ that are a breakthrough for lottery players. Cli…

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Gail Howard’s “Lotto: How to Wheel a Fortune” Review

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  • Manny

    I’ve read that book and did many tests which all failed for UK National Lottery – so is as bad as any bad lottery system. Avoid.

  • Sarah

    I tried Gail Howards system and it never works. For the whole of 2013 I have not won anything!!!

    • LG

      I’m afraid it’s not that surprising that you haven’t won anything in 3 months, although it depends really how many combinations you were playing as to how likely or unlikely that is.

      Wheeling really isn’t the miracle system that you they would have you believe. It’s useful, but that’s about it. Their advice on picking ‘better numbers is just plain nonsense though.

      I’d recommend you ask for a refund, but if you bought direct from them they have a policy of not giving any refunds.

  • Joe

    My dad bought a copy of the book in 1989 when it first came out… He followed the system and won five numbers 4 times in the NY Lotto. And another Five number win in the New Jersey lotto. And always won lots of three number and four number prizes… I remember me and my brothers and sisters each getting like five or six tickets each to cash in for our dad on Sundays… then they raised the lotto from 49 to 53 and the wins became less frequent. But yes there was a time when this worked like a charm.

    It does work but you have to take it seriously and really do the work… The principles she teaches is time consuming but correct… there is something to the bell curve and tracking the history of numbers drawn. My dad used to have charts he would make based on the books advice and worked on it after every drawing… and because of it… he would win.

    • LG

      Hi Joe

      Thanks for the comments.

      This is really all too anecdotal though to state ‘it works’ — I mean, we don’t know how many tickets your dad was playing, how often, over what period (24 years?), and how much he won/lost overall. So there’s nothing conclusive here, even if you have remembered the wins correctly. (I’m not saying you haven’t, but taking a winning ticket to the store to claim it with your dad is immensely more fun and memorable than months of throwing away losing tickets..?).

      But in all honesty I can state for a fact that the methods in the book related to picking numbers do not make the slightest difference to your chances of winning. You have to be very careful of ‘it works sometimes’ – this is the mantra of the ‘believer’ (and the seller of dodgy ‘systems’), but in my eyes it either works or it was just luck.

      That said, wheeling has some uses, although not in the way the Gail Howard company sell it. But because wheeling is not something the company understand very well, they haven’t optimised their systems for years. So you can get better wheels from Bluskov’s book. Which really leaves very little at all to recommend ‘How to Wheel a Fortune’…

  • Fred

    6 numbers from 16=3003 combinations.
    Can be reduced in a wheel to 40 combinations and still gives a good chance of 6 numbers correct!
    Still an affordable bet! And most winning combinations will be in the wheel of 40.
    Most people don’t understand a wheel!
    It takes only 163 combinations to guarantee 3 correct out of 49 numbers!
    [edit: self promotional links removed]

    • LG

      Hi Fred,

      A full 6 number wheel of 16 numbers actually requires 8008 combinations.
      You can ‘cover’ 16 numbers in 3 combinations. So why arbitrarily pick 40? Is there any win guarantee?
      40 combinations will not cover ‘most winning combinations’ – what was the wheel constructed to achieve?
      It’s still only 40 of all the possible results, so is no better at hitting the jackpot than any randomly picked 40 combinations.

  • Fred

    Of course 8008.
    Wheeling plans serve a purpose .
    My plan 16 is similar to plan 10 shown on my website.
    It of course gives a good guarantee, you need just 3 correct lotto numbers and you double your money at least.
    Plan10 has guarantee chart.
    Only an idiot would choose numbers arbitrarily!
    Plan10 maximises your winnings in 30 combinations.
    No need to search arbitrarily among the full perm of 210 combinations
    It takes only 163 combinations to guarantee 3 correct from 49 .
    Now, that is the power of a good wheeling plan!

    • LG

      I think you need to look again at the Plan 16. I’m not sure where you got it from, but it doesn’t provide anywhere near a 3 if 3 guarantee, it doesn’t even manage a 3 if 4 guarantee.

      It’s also possible to cover 16 numbers with a 3-if-3 guarantee in 38 combinations instead of 40.

  • Ernie James Peregrino

    I am an optimistic man the people that say Gail Howards system doesn’t work is negative people, **** them all I don’t give a ****. But I believe Gail Howard system really works.

    • LG

      Hey Ernie. But it’s not about being optimistic or negative – it either works or it doesn’t, right? And in this case, the evidence shows that it doesn’t work any better than random luck.

      • Ernie James Peregrino

        I can say that it really works because I won second prize using her system so I can say that it really works.

      • LG

        No Ernie that doesn’t mean it works. But congratulations on your win all the same.

        If 10 million people all buy a ‘system’ they use for 10 years and only 100 win, that doesn’t mean it works. Because how is that any different to pure luck? Those people could all have just bought quick picks instead and got the same results 🙂

  • Don

    Hey Lottery Guy, here’s a simple way to test a lottery system before risking any money: Look up the last 10 draws, take the numbers of the first nine and then apply the lottery strategy to those numbers to pick the numbers for the 10th lottery (which you shouldn’t look at yet). After you’ve selected your numbers for the 10th lottery based of the first 9, see how many winners you have. You can do this 100’s of times and never spend a cent!

    • LG

      Hi Don

      There’s a bit more to it than that 🙂

      If you do this once and win the jackpot, does it mean the system worked..? Or were you just lucky?

      What if you repeated this 10 times and didn’t win a thing, does that mean it didn’t work – or that it just wasn’t helping as much as you hoped it would?

      I start right at the beginning anlaysing the claims made, what methods are being used as well as what those methods are based on.

      • Don

        Hey, LG, study up on your inferential statistics: If you were able to predict the 10th number at a success rate that significantly exceeded chance levels (p<.05), it is legitimate to conclude the system works. If the system worked, I guarantee 100 trials would give you a success rate that significantly exceeds chance and would let you confidently conclude the system works. PS. the probability of doing this once and winning is 0.1, twice 0.01 (statistically significant!). And you didn't need to spend a dime!

      • LG

        It depends on the system and how it claims to work.

  • Don

    I think what people need to determine is what they mean by “works.” If you define “working” as 1 win for every 1 million plays, then all systems “work.” If you define “works”as 1 win for every 10 plays, then none of them “work.”

    What confuses things is that when someone wins, they unjustifiably conclude the system worked even though it was just luck.

    If they continue to play using the system and win at a rate significantly greater than that predicted by chance then they can legitimately say their system works.

    Unfortunately, no one has ever done this.

  • John D

    I bought her software years ago and never had any luck winning any amount with her system. It was a waste of money.

  • Jonathan Berggren

    I bought her wheel five to win book and I can say that I am disappointed when I found out how much it can cost just to wheel only half of the numbers. I think I will just stick to picking my own numbers like I have been doing. By the way, is the Cash 5 lotto game a good game to play?

    • LG

      I think you’re misunderstanding the reasons to use a wheeling system – not your fault, the Gail Howard company leads you to believe it’s about winning jackpots (it isn’t). Wheeling is better than not wheeling, but there’s far more important stuff to get right first. Then you need to choose the right wheel for the game. I cover all this kind of stuff in my Strategy Group.

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