Derren Brown Lottery – How It Was Really Done

Derren sadly disappointed on this one – his ‘How To Win The Lottery’ show actually failed to deliver on the fundamental promise made…

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Derren Brown Lottery – How It Was Really Done

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  • DerekH

    Terry writes “It would be a minor miracle for the average of all 6 of the numbers picked to be exactly divisable by 24…

    So Derren rounds them up or down then.”

    No Terry, you have fallen for this, hook line and sinker – that whole palaver is simply misdirection. That isn’t the solution, and therefore, spending time analysing it is simply stopping you seeing the more obvious solution – it was a trick. There was no system. The numbers on the balls weren’t there at the start of the programme, because he didn’t know. He said there were legal reasons why they weren’t on show, because he knew people would believe him. There was no system.
    It’s arguable whether the 24 people in that “system” were being duped like you were, or whether they were actors, but they were, like any good magician knows, the “distraction” that makes *you* take your eye, pardon the pun, off the ball.

  • Lethe

    Why are people saying that he never admitted the trick? He did! He admitted, with a lot of comedic denial, that he fixed the machine. Which I don’t see as impossible since he even shows you the perfectly reproduced heavier lottery balls…

  • DerekH

    Lethe “he even shows you the perfectly reproduced heavier lottery balls”

    What makes you know they’re heavier? Only his word. And yet you believed it and are now telling me that they *really* are heavier!
    Prove it… 🙂
    Or did you fall for all the distraction he does?

  • Overkill

    Lethe: lol, don’t you think millions of people might want their money back then?

  • Maxine

    Split screen… pretty plausible… clever stuff. Derren states that a year of his life had been devoted to this. What about if he or his programme organisers managed to persuade and arrange with the BBC/Camelot to delay the live lottery results on Wednesday night by a couple of minutes or so.

    OR, the “live” draw to take place a couple of minutes before the BBC Lottery programme actually went live. In which case the “24’s” numbers were disregarded and switched to the ACTUAL known result numbers (as per the arrangement) just before “The Event” went live. Now why would the “powers that be” agree to that? Well, think about it… firstly, how would that scenario really affect the result from the lottery organisers perspective? Secondly, THE HUGE PUBLICITY… how many more people are now going to get together to try and predict the lottery result; with the resultant INCREASE in lottery ticket sales due to the WISDOM OF THE CROWD experiment… follow the money as they say… a guaranteed result for all parties.

  • DerekH

    Maxine writes “a guaranteed result for all parties.”

    Who’s providing the guarantee?
    Derren Brown? No.
    The gullible? No.
    You? Well thanks Maxine! If you think it’s guaranteed, then please post a scan of your bank statement here in a week’s time.

    Guaranteed result for all parties?
    You carry on believing that then, and join the ranks of people sucked into to Derren Brown’s gullibility plug-hole 🙂

    So please, if you win the lottery (5 out of 6 balls – that’s all he promised) – do tell.

    And before you think I’m simply being destructive, ask yourself this one simple question…
    If Derren Brown COULD predict the lottery, and because he “says” he was banned from buying a ticket (they don’t ask your name when you buy a ticket, do they?) don’t you think he’d have chosen a surrogate ticket-buyer and filmed HER reaction when she won..?

    When Derren says “a year of his life has been devoted to this”, it’s rubbish.
    I hereby state that I’ve spent FIVE years of my life replying to your post. I do. I really do state it.
    I haven’t, and Derren Brown spent about 2 weeks of (yes, I admit it) gorgeously inspirational time planning it…

    Maxine, the powers-that-be would NOT agree to operate outside their legally permitted boundaries for monetary gain.

    Stop and think. You’ve not only be duped, but you’ve been *so* duped you’re mailing us and telling us rubbish!
    I’ll eat my roof-tiles if *you* are right….

  • Mpbmpb

    To all those questioning the use of averages – you are of course right – but there was a rogue player in the group of 24. To be known as Row 9 from the flip chart – whose job it was to move guesses away from the averages. The only question that remains is – who was the mysterious Mr (or Ms) Row 9 ?

  • Wes

    I think Derren is having the greatest week of his life. Split screens, lasers, projection. All of the show is misguiding us – the fear decision making, the wisdom of the crowd. The last of which is non-sense for predicting random numbers from 1 – 24. Has anyone checked the real lotery results with the 3 – 4 right balls the 24 people guessed earlier? I think all the team-building was just to make them believe they could do it.

    I don’t think Derren Brown is a person that would simply use high-end technology to fake us at home.

    No, i think the sollution is much easier. From the beginning of the show, Derren says he´s being legal, that everything is live, that he spent a year of his life on this. Isn´t the sollution much much easier?

  • Overkill

    An almost mathematically impossible prediction of the future or a very simple camera trick? Hmmm… I? can’t decide, lol.

  • Overkill

    His next program he’s going to glue me to my sofa! hmm… derrrrrr… I wonder if that will work? lol! OMG how easy is it for him to make money!

    I might make my own program were I make everyone fly! It’s funny that there are some people that are so gullible 🙂

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