Derren Brown – How To Win The Lottery?

On Wednesday night Derren Brown predicted all 6 of the UK Lotto numbers live on TV. He got all 6 correct. Or did he… Derren is a brilliant enter…

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Derren Brown – How To Win The Lottery?

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  • firm_believer

    It was real magic.

  • lotteryblogs

    Derren said his aim was to predict 5 of the 6 numbers. The chance of winning with 5 balls is 1 in 54200. That’s significantly less than the 14 million for all 6. He must have filmed 54200 combinations over the past year (that’s only 6 per hour).

  • Toby Mason

    The first part of the show is pre-recorded. This is so that the viewers think that there is a real ‘cameraman’ pointing the camera (badly) at Senor Brown. What is actually happening is a pre-programmed robot controlled camera is doing the dodgy wobbling and zooming in/out. This is done in advance so that stitching the left and right side of the screen is easy. The first ‘live’ footage is when the rear camera switches back to the supposed ‘cameraman’ footage of Senor Derren in front of the BBC lottery TV (you never see the view from the rear camera again).

    After that, just before Herr Brown writes numbers on the card, the screen does not move for a couple of seconds. This is because the left side of the screen is frozen, aided by the pre-programmed camera movements and reviewed as ‘glitch-free’ in advance, so that someone (maybe a man in a gorilla suit – one of Sir Brown’s favs) can put the correctly numbered balls onto the plinth. Once the camera moves again, the left side is unfrozen so that the Brownmeister can walk across and turn the ‘untouched’ balls….

    I went to see Enigma. McFly my arse.

  • GIb

    I doubt he had filmed all combinations though – there are millions. Even covering only 5 out of the 6 numbers would be too many combinations…

    And I think switching to pre-recorded material would be cheating…

  • meh

    Derren didn’t expect to win, but due to an astronomical coincidence he did and the ‘How To Win The Lottery’ show on Friday will consist of nothing…

  • meastronomo

    I hope he didn’t just brute force all the combinations. I doubt it. That’s not a trick.

    I’m hoping he used some kind of incredible psychic ability or some cleaver trick where he spent lots of time throughout the year with the lottery person that uses the machine and some how psychically subconsciously coerced that lottery person into setting up the balls in in a certain manner, and pressing the button at a certain time etc.

    If he psychically subconsciously did this, I wonder did he get it in the first attempt or make several attempts. If he got it in the first attempt it’s really cool.

  • nij0

    So how does he pick the lottery numbers for tonights show 09/09/09? The winner with the correct answer gets a woooooo and a clap from us all.

  • Alex

    A group of people pick random numbers between 1 and 50 and the numbers are totalled and divided by the number of people. The average outcome will be 25. Without cheating, you can just hope that all the numbers are close to 25.

    One of the numbers picked was 2! This is almost impossible. If 2 people picked a number over 25 for that number it would not have been possible to get 2. It is all trickery, not sure why he chose to include the number 2.

  • Alex

    In addition, I think that the easiest way to pull this off is to just trick people in to what time it is. You wait for the results pick the numbers you want from the draw and then tell people after the event. You only need to change a few clocks, watches and mobile phones. You’ll notice that he did the calculation on the final draw.

  • GIb

    Yeah, exactly Alex.
    Of course all that part was BS.

    The question was whether he really did fix the lottery like he said at the end.

    Was that draw a real draw anyway ? I only ever buy lotto on a Saturday. Is there usually a draw on Wednesday ? Is it on at that time ? Did anyone actually buy a ticket for Wednesday’s draw ?

    It could have been a fake draw, done in the manner Derren described – ie. with the weighted balls.

    Does anyone have a recording of the draw itself from the BBC ? I want to see if the same balls are at the bottom of the container all the time, indicating they’re definitely weighted… The recording I made of Derren’s isn’t good enough quality to see….

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