How To Pick Better Lottery Numbers

Lottery balls without numbers on themAre some lottery numbers better than others? Is there a method to picking lottery numbers? I’ve seen more lies and misinformation on this topic …

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How To Pick Better Lottery Numbers

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  • Harvey

    I used the “Numbers Ever Won?” feature at Canada’s Lotto 6/49 Site, entering six consecutive numbers starting with 1 – 2 – 3 etc, ending with the last possible six number streak, 44 – 45 – 46 -47 – 48 – 49.

    FIVE consecutive numbers have been drawn, as shown below – just once:

    Oct 21/2000
    38 43 44 45 46 47 Bonus 17

    SIX consecutive numbers has also happened just once (note one is the Bonus #):

    March 19/2008
    23 40 41 42 44 45 Bonus 43

    Four and three consecutive numbers have also been drawn, much more often but keep in mind what kind of prizes these results get before becoming too excited.

    Draw your own conclusion…

    • Madison

      All of those are myths. You can only win if you are more lucky than others…

      • Corné Botha

        Madison that is your opinion. I dont know about that method, I have my own method which I often get 3 numbers right or more… you say that because you believe the game is full of luck, I don’t care what you say.

  • Madison

    I try to vary my lottery numbers between 5-6 sets.

  • Corné Botha

    Okay, well the Ghana guy is going to pay me 40% of the R3.5 000 000. That was on the last day of the month. He told me I will win September which I didnt, I told him I will give my friends bank account so me and my friend can share it, cause we were into this thingy. You can email him and he will tell you if you win the jackpot to give him 40%. I advise you if you don’t win with him within 2 months give up and tell him to pay 40% of that jackpot that was on last day of second month or first month with him. Good luck.

    • LG

      Hang on. So let me get this straight. You buy the lottery tickets and he gives you the numbers..? Or are you paying him for tickets..? Either way, what exactly does he provide that entitles him to keep 60% of your winnings?

      • Corné Botha

        Hello Lottery Guy, I’m not paying him for tickets my friend. It’s 40% of the jackpot btw. It’s 50/50 almost, if you are interested in him, I can give the email.

      • LG

        So you’re not paying him anything for tickets or anything, but he’s going to give you 40% of the jackpot..? Why would someone do that for free? Do you know them personally or was this just a random email you replied to because it’s starting to sound very dodgy (see how to spot a lottery scam).

      • Corné Botha

        No my friend it was on topix. I searched. I have every winning number for all games.

        He did say to me he will do it for free and when I win big he will take 40% from me. I didn’t win this month, and he said to me that if I don’t win this month he will pay me 40% of the jackpot R3.5,000,000. If it wasn’t for free dude I wouldn’t taken it.

      • LG

        I’m still not getting the deal here.

        So you give him numbers, and he pays for the tickets? In which case, why does he think your numbers are any better? And what makes you think he’s going to pay up if your numbers win..?

        (As for why he would pay you 40% of 3.5 Million if you don’t win this month – you totally lost me!)

      • Corné Botha

        You don’t understand. He doesn’t pay for the tickets, I do. And he told me last month he will pay 40% of the R3.5,000,000 just waiting from my friend of his bank account. He will give it to me then I give it to the Ghana dude and than he pay us the 40% of the R3.5,000,000. You should try this dude so if you are intrested just say yes.

      • LG

        Frankly, you’re nuts!

        You pay for the tickets, but he gets to keep 60% of the winnings..??? Why on earth would you do that?

        1. He has no better chance of picking winning numbers than you.
        2. At BEST you lose 60% even if you win.
        3. If this guy wins, what makes you think he’s going to give you anything – you don’t know anything about him!
        4. In fact, how do you even know he’s buying lottery tickets with your money?

      • Corné Botha

        Your 4th point is incorrect, he doesn’t play lotto at all. I don’t send money to him. BTW 40% of the jack is a good deal. I’m not nuts, you are cause you don’t understand a thing I’m saying.

      • LG

        Huh?? If he doesn’t play lotto and you don’t send him money – how the heck is he, in your words “going to pay me 40% of the R3.5,000,000”..?

        OK, I’m going to make one more attempt to understand what the heck you are talking about.

        You buy the tickets, but he gives you the numbers to play..?

      • Corné Botha

        LOL my friend. You see here he did play lotto the ghana lottery he won 4.000 000. His last big win was 6 billion usd, out of people who paid him 40% of the jackpot. He give me numbers for free I don’t send him money. It was a deal between me and him, he told me don’t worry and so on you are going to win the lotto in Sep which I didn’t so the deal stand that he will pay me 40% of the R3.5 000 000 and how much is that BTW.

      • LG

        Well, we got there in the end 🙂

        Look, this guy is conning you. Two things:-

        Firstly, he’s getting a fantastic deal out of you. You are paying for everything, and he just gives you a bunch of numbers that are no better than anything you could pick yourself. If you win he gets paid for doing nothing, if you lose, only you lose! And you’re happy to give him an enormous chunk of your winnings..?

        Secondly, this guy is lying about the wins. He’s a scammer. Do you seriously believe he’s been paid $6 BILLION by other people doing the same thing as you? Even if you meant million and not billion, he is lying to you. Think about it. If his lottery system worked as he says, why does he need you to buy tickets? He’s already got $6 billion to buy tickets with – wouldn’t he just buy his own tickets and keep all of the winnings?

      • Corné Botha

        Even if you are right you can’t say this Israel woman is a scammer. She said if I hit the jackpot I must pay her 10%, she won 4,000,000 in the Israel Lotto. I paid her $95 each month. In wheeling I pick 10 balls using her method. I matched 5 numbers. That was a test not real play so even I failed with ghana guy. If you say that is a bunch of luck than you don’t have this kind of knowledge of lotto. I have a good chance with Israel women.

      • LG

        Now there’s an Israel woman too..?!

        Nobody can prove they pick better numbers – it just doesn’t work that way. Think about it – these people are just selling a bunch of different people all different numbers. If somebody wins, they claim their method works and take a share of their winnings too! For everybody else who paid for numbers that lost, they make their excuses and pocket their money anyway.

  • K Kasturi

    Miracles do happen. If some chap falls off a moving train and survives, if some chap recovers from a terminal illness – there is an element of luck in the life of men. We all see instances of luck playing a part in our lives. So the best thing to do is choose any set of numbers which fancy takes, and trust in luck.

  • Eric C Lewis

    Respectfully, I wish to play a lottery game which has 25 numbers, I need to have 15 numbers to win. Please inform me how to win this game?

    Thanks, as I await your response.

    • LG

      Hi Eric

      There is no magic system to win any lottery game – the draws are all random. So the best you can do is to improve your chances of winning. So I’d suggest you read my free lottery tips, and maybe also consider something like Win Lotto Systems to help develop your strategy for playing that lottery.

      Good luck.

  • Judex

    Does it happen every year in the world of the Lotto that people do not win for many weeks before Christmas, and the jackpot becomes big for Christmas/the new Year..?

  • Peter van Kervel

    I would like to know the ball color for a range of numbers, ie :
    Ball nos. 1-5 = Yellow
    6-10 = Green, etc., etc
    Thanks in advance,

    • LG

      Hi Peter

      If you want to know the colours for a particular game then you need to let us know which game it is…

      Or if you’re thinking there’s some way of allocating colours that helps pick better numbers, then you may have misunderstood the post.

  • Felix

    Hi all of you… very interesting comments! I have something to say: let me know how to pick only four numbers from thirty six… then I am sure I have the pot!


  • Snooch

    Sorry but this article is absolute tosh. Quite apart from the fact that on average 10,000 people play 1,2,3,4,5,6 every week (meaning you would win around £300 for matching all six numbers!) – the odds of any 6 balls of all the same colour coming out are much, much longer than 6 different colours. It requires the most simple understanding of probability to understand/explain this. As the Author says – lets forget about the numbers on the balls for a second & simplify it even further. You have a bag of 10 white balls & 10 pink balls. You manage to pull 5 white balls out in a row… what do you think the chances of pulling another white ball are? There are 10 pink balls & only 5 white balls left… so your chances are exactly HALVED. It really is that simple. The numbers believe it or not are actually secondary in the lotto, as anyone who has ever watched a draw knows, you first have to get the right colour, before you can get the right ball! In the 2,000 UK draws that have happened to date, ‘all the same colour’ has happened… once. This despite there being literally thousands of possible combinations of ‘all the same colour’. To give yourself the best possible chance, pick 1 number from each colour group. It really is that simple.

    • LG

      Ah, if only it were that simple 🙂

      In your example you’re right that your chances of getting another white ball are less.

      But in a lottery game it’s totally irrelevant. Because you don’t win anything for matching the colour of the ball.

      So spreading your picks across different colour groups will not make any difference at all to your chances of winning. Sorry 🙂

      P.S. I think you missed the whole point of using colours in the article. It’s not about the colour groups used in lottery games (1-9, 10-19 etc) – it’s about each ball being a unique colour (i.e. to stop thinking in terms of ‘numbers’).

  • Palesa

    Send me 6 lucky lottery numbers.

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