Lotto Master Formula Review

All Garry G. needs is a sheet of paper, and 10 minutes — then he’ll make a winning ticket out of your $5… Firstly to be clear, Lotto…

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Lotto Master Formula Review

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  • Thembekile Ka Mtokwana

    With so many of these books available all claiming to be lotto magic, and me having bought four of these almost three years without any success.
    Can you recommend just three of the best lotto and powerball books to invest, and how easy to apply are these, and accuracy?

    • LG

      You can find the more worthwhile lottery systems and books here. Along with a long list of all the stuff that is a waste of time (you’ll probably find those 4 books you bought on the ‘bad list’!). There are no miracle systems when playing the lottery I’m afraid, despite what some people will tell you šŸ™‚

  • Jim Muggeridge

    Both books seem to be a work of fiction, neither are worth spending money on & one is just a copy of the other.

  • Damser

    You’re always right on top of everything going on. Thanks much for your efforts.

  • Iulian Nastasescu

    “There are no miracle systems when playing the lottery Iā€™m afraid, despite what some people will tell you :-)” Have to understand this, all of us! Still remains a pleasure to “play the game”. Thank you for your work (and explanations)!

  • Thembekile Ka Mtokwana

    Hi guy, one is not looking for a miracle lotto guide but something that at least improves your chances, can you suggest a book or some gadget to read or use? Regards.

  • Seth Tyrssen

    Thank you SO MUCH, “Lottery Guy!” I was almost half-tempted to listen to “Gary G”‘s spiel, I’m so glad my skeptical nature prompted me to seek out your site, and talk to you first!

    Feel free to publish this, with my email addy, if you so desire!

  • Mark

    Lottery Guy,

    Thanks for the info about this Lotto Masta System. I will stay away from it.

  • Rosie Guerrero

    Hi Lottery Guy,
    I hope you are having a great year so far. I would like to know if you can also review the book, “Little Lotto Cheat Sheets,” by Geoff Dampler. I bought on it on I would appreciate it if you could. Thanks a bunch. Tonight’s Ca Powerball is at $400.00 million and I can’t even fathom winning that much money. I already bought my tickets and I didn’t get carried away because I only bought 10. šŸ™‚
    Good luck

  • Luthando Jebe

    Hi, I would like to win Lotto.

    • LG

      Great – well, at least now you know Lotto Master Formula won’t really help (don’t spend more than 99c on it – see the post above).

      The best thing you can do is ignore all the shiny fake promises, and get your basic Strategy in place (do that here). This will make the biggest difference to your chances of winning.

  • Clifford Champagnie

    Greatings my friend, YES, I want a copy of this. I happen to stumble upon this at a time when the money is not in my hand. Will I be able to get a copy at a later date, or get that $5, and a sheet of paper to Garry G. Let me know, thank you. I’ve been playing the lottery a mean forever, never win, I WANT TO TRY THIS, JUST LIKE I TRIED SOME SYSTEM that just took my money, lol.

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