What Is The Best Strategy To Win The Lottery?

First up, what is strategy? It's basically defined as a "plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim".

So what does that mean in terms of playing the lottery? It's NOT as clear as you might think. Because a lot of players get this very wrong, and it doesn't just hurt their chances of winning. In some cases it kills them stone dead. Don't make these mistakes.

Most lottery players have no real 'plan of action' at all. They simply buy tickets according to habit - playing the same game they have always played. Or they buy pretty randomly, sometimes playing this game, sometimes that one. Often just buying into a whole handful of random draw games and scratchers, with no real idea of what they are buying. This kind of impulse buying is often driven by however much is left over from a 20 after buying bread and milk. Ever seen anyone do this - "how much is that, OK, give me 5 quick picks, and two of those Lucky 7's - how much is that - OK, and one of those $5 ones, and a $1 one...".

Talk about planning to fail :-)

Another huge mistake people make is focussing on the short term goal - "I just want to win a few extra dollars a week". So they choose to play Pick 3 because the odds are by far the easiest to win. Makes sense right?

WRONG. They just condemned themselves to never winning big.

But by 'winning big' I don't mean winning a ridiculous $500 Million jackpot, I mean 'big enough to change your life' big.

Because the fact is, you are not going to win the jackpot lots of times. With any game. Even if you play 10 entries on Pick 3 every single day you're not going to win the jackpot more than once a year - and you will therefore lose money overall. At best, if you're lucky, you'll come out a few hundred dollars ahead for a while. But the lottery company know you will put all that money back into playing again - it's why they love this game so much. They know people love to play it because they regularly feel like they are 'close to winning' - when there is no such thing. If the result is 123 and you picked 124, then you are not close, you are no closer than someone who played 129 or even 999. It's win or lose!

You're just not going to turn this game into an 'income' - despite what certain people claim, it's not true! If you play it for an entire lifetime you will always lose overall - because that's exactly what it is designed to do. It's no different to playing a slot machine. If you play it, ditch it now and promise me never to touch it again :-)

It's so easy to make these mistakes because the lottery company don't mind what games you play (the more the better!). And nobody teaches this stuff (except one notable exception, ahem). It's why every lottery player needs a good strategy guide to help them get a solid plan of action in place.

So let's say you have a better long-term aim instead. You want to 'win enough money to buy myself a house and a new car, then I can take life really easy'. That's an awesome start. So why then would you choose to play Powerball..? You don't need $500 Million to buy a nice house and a car. So why not play the game that pays out the $1 Million jackpot, but gives you 20, 30 or even 40 times the chance of it being you that gets to claim it!

So what is the best lottery strategy? Choose your game to match your aim™. Avoid the killer mistakes everyone else is making.

It instantly puts you ahead of the vast majority of lottery players.