Lottery Strategies For Pick 3

Pick 3 is a drug - and the lottery companies know it. You always seem to be 'close' to winning, and sometimes you even do. But they know you will put all your money back in again, because it's just like playing a slot machine.

So how can you stop this cycle, and start making an income from Pick 3?

The hard truth? You can make a few tweaks to your strategy and improve your chances, but nobody makes an income from Pick 3. No they don't! Oh sure, I've discussed this with people who claim they do, but once you cut through the BS and get down to real hard evidence - things go very quiet.

The only way to come out 'ahead' with Pick 3 is to walk away when you win and never play it again. But is that really all you want from playing the lottery - to win a lousy few hundred dollars?

Honestly, an even better Pick 3 strategy is to ditch the game now and tell everyone you know to do the same. Switch to a game where you can win properly and walk away with a big enough win. The ticket price is typically the same anyway. So why waste your money on a game where the longer you play it the more likely you are to end up losing overall!? That is NOT a good strategy.

But what about those people who sell systems that claim to beat the game?

Let me tell you a dirty secret used by certain sellers of Pick 3 strategies and systems. It is quite shocking and totally unethical. It's highly misleading, should be illegal but probably isn't due to very careful wording.

Here's what they do. They go out and buy tickets to cover every possible Pick 3 combination for one draw.

That's stupid, right? Why would anyone do that - it's going to cost loads and you will lose more than you win!

It doesn't matter, because this is just 'marketing costs' to them. They will soon make a hundred times this back.

And it doesn't really cost that much anyway.

To buy every Pick 3 combination can cost as little as $500. Because there are only 1,000 different combinations (everything from 000 up to 999). So if it's 50c to play a number straight then that costs $500 for all 1,000 combinations. And because you are playing all of them you are guaranteed to win. So you always get back $250.

That's still stupid though, right? You pay $500 and win $250... so really you just lost $250.

Not stupid at all if honesty is not your first priority. Because all you do is publish your winning ticket, and say "look at me, I won again, $250 on a $1.50 ticket". Then quietly throw away the stack of losing tickets (after using them to offset tax on your winnings!). And never let on that you actually lost $250 overall.

Finally you use this as 'proof' that your nonsense Pick 3 strategies work in order to sell it to hundreds (or even thousands) of trusting customers. That's a tidy profit if you don't mind living a life of lies and deceit.