e-Lottery Syndicate Review

The e-Lottery Syndicate is the largest lottery syndicate in the UK. It can claim players from most countries all over the world, and has paid out over 15,532 actual syndicate wins.

With e-Lottery you can play the UK Lotto and/or EuroMillions lotteries. For £5 you get 88 entries into the UK Lotto, 44 on Wednesday and 44 on Saturday. With EuroMillions you get 36 entries for £5 (EuroMillions tickets are of course more expensive).

Syndicate groups are formed of 49 players - to give a decent balance between the split of the prizes money and chances of winning. Obviously the more players in a syndicate the more tickets you can buy and the better the chance of winning. But more players means sharing the money further. So e-lottery seem to have got a good balance here. If your group hits the jackpot you still walk away with a life changing sum of money.

Numbers selected are set by the company when you join, and are formed by wheeling to give every possible 6th number (1 to 49) for the UK Lotto, or both Lucky Stars for EuroMillions. That means you only have to match your groups 5 numbers to hit the jackpot. That's simply the power of buying more entries in one draw - 44 times the chance of winning the UK Lotto twice a week.

Let me point out here, it is possible to find cheaper lottery syndicates. But if you want a large, visible, accessible and professional company to be responsible for paying your winnings then it is worth paying that little bit more for peace of mind!

I have personally played with e-lottery for a number of years now I can vouch for their professional approach that entire time. Winnings have always been paid promptly, queries and questions rapidly answered, and real people on the end of the phone.

The largest win to date for the e-Lottery was for £139,380-00, this was reported in the Daily Mail. It's just a matter of time before they get a jackpot, so if you want to be a player when that happens, join today!

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