Playing nicely with friends

Today I've got a quick and easy option for you.

Some of us just don't want the hassle, and simply want a better chance of winning without having to work at it!

One of the most powerful ways to get that is called leverage.

We already know that buying more tickets makes a big difference to how much and how often you win.

But that can get expensive pretty quickly.

So one powerful way to boost your chances without the expense -- is to spend other peoples money.

I know. Sounds crazy. But you have heard of this.

Because I simply mean playing in a syndicate (or pool as some call it).

But don't start your own, unless you really want all the work that goes with that.

Instead find one at work, or amongst friends and family - and join that.

If that's no good, you can join one online instead. Here's the ones I've used and can recommend:-

It's not for everyone. But it is a quick and easy way to winning more.

Look out for tomorrows email - where we'll be fixing another major mistake far too many players make.

Until then.

Be Lucky,


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