Xzotto Launches Floating 5 (Still Sucks…)

Xzotto Floating 5Xzotto, the lottery pool that isn’t, have launched a new website (still badly explained) and a new feature – called ‘Floating 5’.

Glimmer Of Hope..?

To be fair this is the first glimmer of any sense from Xzotto. But I do just mean glimmer so don’t get excited yet folks. On the face of it you would be forgiven for thinking it’s a cool idea.

So What is Floating 5

Well the deal is you pay $30 to join, plus $25 per month – same as before. Plus $4 or $5 per month ticket costs as you have to buy tickets to be included in Floating 5.

Now if a Xzotto members ticket wins, they get to keep 50% of the prize (I know, but stay with me here…). Then 35% goes to the 7 people above them.

Finally three lots of 5% are randomly given to someone else. The 5% bits are Floating 5.

Somewhat Confusing, So Is That Good Then..?

Well, this now makes it a lottery within a lottery (still not a lottery pool!). So if someone else wins, now you play another lottery to see if you win any of their prize money.

So if (as I’m told) there are 3,000 members, that means if one of them wins, then you have a 3-in-3000 chance of getting 5% of their prize. Because there are 3 of those 5% bits and 3000 members who could be chosen. Which is the same as a 1-in-1000 chance.

Just a Bit More Mega Millions Maths…

Now normally the Mega Millions jackpot is odds of 1-in-175 million (so not a good game to choose anyway). And my calculator says that the chances of both a Xzotto Member hitting the jackpot AND you then getting a 5% share of it is therefore 1-in-60 Million.


Which is actually the same increase in chances as buying 3 tickets yourself…

Except 3 tickets per draw would cost you half as much. And you’d get to keep all of the prize instead of just 5%…

[Now before some bright spark says “but as more members join the chances of one of them winning the lottery increases…” – maybe so, BUT the chances of you actually getting a 5% share get worse at the same time as there are more members it could go to! So overall it doesn’t improve.]

Is Floating 5 the genius it claims to be? Does it revolutionise Xzotto and make it a superb lottery pool?

Answers on a postcard to:- Why Does Xzotto Still Suck, Xzotto, Cloud Cuckoo Land, USA.

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  • Robert McFarlane


    I agree with your math. The adjusted rate of winning a portion of the Jackpot is 1:58,000,000 with the floating five feature. The same chances as buying 3 lottery tickets every drawing which would cost you $26 per month. When you look at it this way, the $25 a month subscription to Xzotto’s software system increases in value. Of course there is the difference between winning the whole prize on your own or sharing the prize across 11 people but Xzotto (and all other lottery pools) are built on the idea that part of something is better than all of nothing. Your monthly out of pocket are similar however with Xzotto you sacrifice a % of the winnings for the opportunity to build a business.

    […big edit…]


  • Lottery-Guy.com

    Right. So Xzotto costs more and you lose 80% of all your winnings.

    But if you can convince enough other people to pay $25 a month to give away 80% of their winnings – then you’re OK.

    That’s not a business.

    There’s nothing of value here for lottery players. And what’s a business without a half decent product.

    It’s a house of cards, and I’d be very surprised if it lasted the year in it’s current form.

  • Robin

    Xzotto went under for a reason. Come over to the lottery home business that has been around since 1996 and is still charging along! Florida Lotto Magic!

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