Spotted The Euro Millions Rolls Royce?

You might have seen it driving around promoting the Euro Millions lottery, particularly in Belgium. This amazing looking tuned Rolls Royce is actually a Silver Cloud II.

I’m not sure a pimped up Silver Cloud would be my first choice of car, but when you’re rolling (or is that Rolls Royce’ing) in the millions I guess you’re entitled to drive whatever the heck you like!

Hey, send me a photo if you’ve spotted it near you.

And don’t miss the Euro Millions draw today. It’s a big rollover, now up to 69 million Euros. If you can’t get to a lottery terminal and want to play online and/or you want a better chance of winning head over to my favourite Euro Millions syndicate (you get 36 times the chance of winning for just over 6 Euros).

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  • LG

    Nobody won it! So now the Euro Millions has rolled over again, to reach a new jackpot total of 88 million Euros. Are you in it?

  • LG

    Woah – the Euro Millions rolled over again. Now it’s a massive 114 million Euros for Friday 5th September. Want to win your share?

  • G Devriendt

    Hi, we did spot the car last year on the E411 motorway in belgium. We took a picture of the driver and car whilst he took a picture of us (Bentley turbo R)! I hope to be able to find it.

  • Mr Luxury

    Great idea to pimp a classic Rolls-Royce! It is a great marketing tool / headturner and a beautiful car with beautiful lines…

    Only too bad that the customising has nothing to do with the car, it’s not in line with the style and class of a Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud. Perhaps you can still make a Champagne bar out of it 😉

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