Play The Lottery Online?

It can be more convenient but playing the lottery online is NOT always the best option. There are various online lottery ticket sellers (TheLotter, OS…

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Play The Lottery Online?

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  • Becky Huff

    I do not understand why the lottery tickets booklets with rules and winnings are completely different from the rules on the official Lottery site? Doesn’t make sense to me.

    • LG

      Not sure what you mean. You didn’t say which lottery, but are you sure you’re looking at the official lottery site for that lottery? Sometimes they can look very convincing but not be the official site, and just an online ticket seller.

  • Samantha Atkins

    Heck, I can’t play my own state lottery online. I don’t see why not. The state would make a lot more money due to greater ticket sales. I don’t often feel like stopping at the local liquor store or a 711 to get tickets. I would play every drawing if I could do it online. And no, it doesn’t need to cost a premium. In the 21st century it should be part of the cost of doing business. Especially as the greater sales would pay for it many times over.

    • LG

      Hey Samantha,

      Thanks for the comment.

      It’s certainly true that many lottery companies have a long way to go to catch up with how people want to play these days. The US in particular have been very paranoid about online ticket sales, and are only now starting to allow sales online in some States. Some countries have been providing tickets online for years now! Hope your State catches up soon.

  • Sudip Chakma

    I am very poor and I am needing money. Please select me to win in free lottery online.

    • LG

      If you don’t have money you can afford to lose, then playing the lottery is definitely not the answer.

      There are still free lotto games around online, and there used to be a good book on the subject. But it hasn’t been updated for years.

      So if you do want to play those games you need to study all of their ‘sneaky’ small print – compare the terrible odds, do they even tell you if you win or do you have to check, how much email and advertising will they send you etc. I don’t recommend any of them, but if you want to give them a try do your research first.

  • Ahmed Kaiser

    Which free lottery site is reliable to play, get prizes & easier to win?

    • LG

      I don’t recommend any of the free lotto sites at the moment. The odds range from ‘harder than normal’ to ‘ridiculous’ when compared with normal paid lottery games. Plus you have to jump through extra hoops to play such as having to check your numbers and claim if you win (some will not tell you when you win, even though they know!). Then there’s all the advertising banners and emails.

  • Larry

    I think buying lottery tickets online is a big rip-off. They probably take your money and don’t even buy the ticket for you. They just keep your money because they know the chances of you winning is a million to one.

  • Kwaz

    I live in IL. I found the best odds are buying one of each ticket. Cuz sometimes it’s the $5 ticket that wins a hundred and you never know which is ready to hit and buying many of one kind means you spend 30 to win once so you’re losing. I can’t prove anything just spent thousands cuz im disabled with an IQ of 180 and I’ve got to keep it occupied somehow. The biggest tip I can give is scan every ticket to make sure its a loser because particularly with bingo I’ve almost thrown away hundreds cuz you miss one number!

    • LG

      Hey Kwaz

      It depends what type of game you’re playing. If you’re talking about the draw based games, you’re better off playing one game only versus spreading your entries over multiple draws/games. But if you’re playing scratch-off games, then it doesn’t actually make any difference (assuming the odds of each game are the same).

      But good tip on scanning every ticket, even if you’ve already checked it – a lot of winning tickets do get thrown away because people fail to check the results correctly.

  • Michael

    Do online lottery ticket sellers like really purchase real lottery tickets, and do they really pay lottery winners?

  • Michael

    Thank you for your reply but I still have a question concerning TheLotter. In their terms of use I read that they can claim my winnings on my behalf, is it possible in case it’s a large sum of money.

    • LG

      The terms say they can collect prizes on your behalf and pay it to your account, or you can travel and collect the prize yourself. So you have the choice. I’m not sure what your question is?

  • Jose

    The Lotto Crusher System website sounded so promising but I ended up typing the words ‘lotto crusher system scams and complaints’ into a search engine only to come up with very little bad to say, and then I found your site. Do you really believe a mathematical solution cannot be found or for that matter has not been found to correctly predict winning numbers?

    • LG

      It depends what you mean by a mathematical solution. There is no software that can reliably predict or beat the lottery. That definitely does NOT exist. But it doesn’t stop lots of scammers making a fast buck out of selling software they claim can do that. You just have to wonder why they would be selling this wonderful software when they could just be using it themselves to win lotteries all over the world..!? “For the good of mankind” – I don’t think so 😉

      That doesn’t however mean that all lottery software is totally useless, or that all lotteries are perfectly random. There is the possbility of bias existing in draws, which may favour (or not) certain numbers. But nobody has yet proven a sufficient bias exists in any game that they have been able to take advantage of it. Partly because things change faster than such biases can be reliably detected (how often are the balls replaced? how often is the draw machine serviced and parts changed?).

      Remember, this is not really about numbers at all – we’re trying to guess which ping pong balls will pop out after bouncing around chaotically in a big barrel. There can never be any formula that says exactly what will happen next 🙂

  • Kester Chiwalo

    Is there a free Lottery that one can play and win without paying for anything. I am from Malawi in Africa.

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