NEWS: EuroMillions Superdraw Hits €129 Million

euro millions superdrawIn case you missed it, EuroMillions rolled over again last week.

Which makes the jackpot this Friday one of the biggest seen at a rather crazy €129 Million.

UK players are hoping this will be a home win, creating the largest UK EuroMillions winner ever. The current record holder is Les Scadding from Newport in South Wales who banked a mere £45.5 Million in November 2009. If a single player hit the jackpot this Friday they would win around £113 Million.

Want To Play..?

If you want to play this Friday but with a better chance of winning. And you wouldn’t mind sharing the jackpot, then think about playing with these guys. You get 36 times the chance of winning, and you could still walk away with a couple of million each.

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    RESULTS: Two winning tickets shared the massive jackpot.

    And the UK is celebrating after all, as £56 Million went to one winning ticket in the UK. It’s also rumoured the second winning ticket (sold in Spain) may also have been sold to an expat Brit!

    No further details are available yet about the winner, or winners (could be a syndicate – was it your syndicate group..?)

  • paul

    It was a couple in Cirencester and an expat in Spain from what I hear.

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