Lottery Winners Are Cheeky Nudists

nudist lottery winnersIt’s not often the photos of lottery winners contain quite so much flesh on show. But Margaret Dallard and partner Brian Tucker are not your typical lottery winners. In fact there was plenty more flesh displayed from many of those present at the celebration Margaret and Brian held to mark their good fortune in picking up a £240,928 win on the UK Lotto.

Whilst designer clothing is not at the top of the pairs shopping list, they plan to pay off their mortgages and give money to the eight children they have between them.

But they both plan to continue working at their jobs with Dungeness Power Station in Kent. “Nobody at work knew we were naturists…” said Brian. I have I feeling the secret is probably out now..!

The couple played just three lines a week, mostly made up from family birthdays. Of course playing birthdays is not going to give you a better chance of winning as the wise players here will know. But it does give you a reason to adjust the way you play – unless you want to share your jackpot with lots of other lottery winners it makes sense not to play too many birthdate numbers.

What do you think? How many birthday numbers (1-31) do you play in a line? How many birthdate numbers in a line would it take before you rejected a randomly generated entry? Add your comments below.

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