Lottery Systems That Work

shiny lottery systems that work

You’ve seen the shiny lottery systems, may have even bought one. It didn’t work of course. So are there any lottery systems that work?

There is so much lottery junk online.

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Lottery Systems That Work

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  • Tino

    That was a good article by the Daily Mail. The Professor’s book, The Number Mysteries, reminds of Innumeracy that came out in the 90’s. It’s gonna be an interesting read.

    In regards to lottery systems, people will always believe what they WANT to believe (and it helps if they don’t understand math). If someone tells them that they can teach them to win the lottery, they’ll believe it because they want to believe it.

    • LG

      Yeah, it was a shame they spoilt the article with the silly headline – the stuff about coincidences and our perception of what is significant was really interesting.

      So true, people will always believe what they want. Thanks for the comment Tino.

  • Liam

    You should get Ilya Bluskov’s book ‘Combinatorial Lottery Systems‘.

    It’s a fact-based book written by a REAL Professor of Mathematics. He has various systems with guaranteed wins.

    It is well worth getting, especially if you are part of a syndicate.

  • John

    I wanted to thank you once again for the opportunity, to read up on Win Lotto Systems. The best information, was to use all the numbers, in the game. Ref: 1 through 47, use all 47 numbers in your play slips. I have been winning more often.

    • LG

      Good to hear – winning more often, until the big one comes along, sounds about right to me :-).

    • Andrew

      Ding ding ding goes the trolly! Great tip on using all #’s. This strategy hadn’t really formally occurred to me; until seeing it here in black and white. Just getting started on the ‘lotto tips emails’ . So am trying to absorb as much as I am able, and then to start drawing on the knowledge and applying the strategies.

  • Tony Wright

    Great topic. I’ve also noticed there are so many lottery systems out there, I can’t decide which one or two I want to try. They all sound promising, but there’s that little voice in my head that keeps telling me no matter what system I decide to use, the lottery is still “random” and cannot be decoded if you will, by some tricky system.

    I just continue looking for “trends” because I’ve found that numbers do repeat or recycle themselves. You just have to keep a lookout for them. Also,I dont mind using quick-picks, I’ve had some success in the daily games (pick-3 and pick-4) using quick picks, guess I’m just lucky! There are those who will pull numbers from a hat, use birthdays, anniversaries etc. But for me, I just watch for trends, “hot numbers and cold numbers”. At the end of the day, it all comes down to te fact that the lottery is still “random”. Good luck to all!

  • Joan

    Yes, please review Illya Bluskov, the Ultimate Guide To Lottery Systems too, I’ve heard this is a great book as well.
    Thank you

  • Rhonda Metcalfe

    I have read about so many winners so I decided to purchase the book, Ultimate Guide To Lottery Systems. I have send money order 11 days ago, would you kindly let me know when will it be delivered? Thank You. Kind Regards. Rhonda

    • LG

      Hi Rhonda,

      Er, that would really depend on where you bought it from..??

      It’s pretty hard to find these days, Iliya’s “Combinatorial Lottery Systems with Guaranteed Wins” (review pending) is much easier to get hold of, e.g. get it here on Amazon.

      • Veronica


        Just curious, but did you ever get the chance to look into the “combinatorial lottery systems with guaranteed wins”? The review on Amazon shows people won some money.

        Thank you.

      • LG

        Hi Veronica

        I have now read it, but haven’t got as far as putting a review up yet (sorry!).

        In short though, it does exactly what it says, and is therefore a good book! So wahay, we finally found something else I can add to the Good Guy list 🙂

        The wheels in it are better than those provided by the ‘Gail Howard’ company – e.g. the same win guarantees using less combinations (i.e. cheaper). Gail’s book is also full of incorrect advice about how to pick numbers.

        My only reservations with Iliya’s book are that it can be a little hard to understand in places. Iliya Bluskov has a maths Ph.D. which tends to make people talk in a very different language – but the stuff you need to understand is written in pretty good ‘normal speak’! But if anyone buys his book & gets confused, just ask me and I’ll be happy to explain.

        Only other thing is to make sure you know what you’re really buying. Wheeling is not a ‘magical beat the lottery’ system – you still need to be lucky enough to pick the right numbers!

    • Kris

      So Rhonda, did you ever get your book? Was it worth the cost? Did you win?

  • Ronald Smith

    Just to ask, why do all the lottery fans fall for all these junk systems out there?

    I am saying this because I was one of the ‘mugs’, and lost money more than once as I did not get my money back. I have learnt my lesson. The lottery numbers cannot be predicted.

    • LG

      I guess people just ‘want to believe’. We like to think there is some undiscovered way to analyse those results and find a pattern that nobody else has found. [Most people here have bought at least one of the garbage systems I warn to avoid in my lottery systems reviews]

      When actually we should just sort out our basic playing strategy (I can do that for free). Then we can just enjoy playing while we hope for a win!

  • Marlon

    Hey Lottery-Guy;
    Thank You for the advice. I bought Larry Blair System and it was some outdated mess. It also had some good advice about playing lotteries in small combinations of 3 numbers. And the one about the professor who is selling a system from a guy that is dying – well he must be living because I haven’t won anything from him yet. My advice to anyone is know thyself and follow your inner intution. It will tell you what is right not a lottery system – common sense.

  • Mike

    A lot of people here are brilliant.

    I would like to know, can anyone here recommend a good Pick 3 or Pick 4 system?

  • Gary H

    Thank you Lottery Guy. I ordered several of the systems you reviewed – I totally agree, I got the shaft. JF Abate or ‘Success Publishers’, the latest scum bags told me not to order again! Good advice.

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