Lottery Advice – What’s Your Game?

I’m often asked for lottery advice – and usually advice as to what numbers to pick! Obviously nobody can pick winning numbers in advance, …

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Lottery Advice – What’s Your Game?

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  • Arthur

    I have got 3 out of 6 numbers on the pick 6 games using a deck of cards for five weeks in a row only spending $9.00 each time. Just write (ALL the numbers) on the deck off cards and shuffle them up. My pick 6 game is 6/53. So 54 divided by 9 equals 6. The number 28 has hit the most so I use 28 twice.

  • Jan Karlsson

    I play the UK Thunderball. I don’t really need any more than that top prize, it’s half the cost of Lotto and EuroMillions and I get a fair amount of little wins on it. Of course, those little wins just go back on the Thunderball, but it’s always nice to win something while waiting (very impatiently) for that big one.

    As to choosing my numbers, I just get Lucky Dips. It really makes no difference to my chances and, if I miss a draw for any reason, I’m not in the position of knowing I would have won big if those numbers came out on a missed draw.

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