Lottery Advice – What’s Your Game?

Lottery Advice - What Game?I’m often asked for lottery advice – and usually advice as to what numbers to pick!

Obviously nobody can pick winning numbers in advance, that’s fundamentally impossible. But what you should be doing is everything you can to maximise your chances of winning. And top of that list is one of the most frequently overlooked pieces of advice I can give you… play the right lottery game.

Now the right lottery game for you will depend on:-

  • what country you live in
  • what games are available
  • AND what your goals are in terms of winning

Obviously we all want to win big, right? But what most people really want is ‘life changing’ big. To some people that may be as little as a few thousand pounds/dollars/Euros. To others it may be a lot more. But you need to know this otherwise you can’t make the best decision as to what game to play!

Once you know ‘how much’ will do it for you, then for every lottery game available to you find a) the typical jackpot amount, and b) the odds of winning (check your lottery companies official website for these details).

Now you can wisely pick the game that gives you the best chance of winning the life changing sum of money you’re aiming for. Why play a game with jackpot odds of 1-in-72 million if there is a game with odds of 1-in-5 million that would change your life if you actually did win it?

That little gem of lottery advice alone can instantly double your chances of winning – and maybe even give you up to TEN TIMES the chance. It will cost you nothing to apply it, and goes on working forever! Please add your comment below to let me know how much this improved your winning chances.

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  • Arthur

    I have got 3 out of 6 numbers on the pick 6 games using a deck of cards for five weeks in a row only spending $9.00 each time. Just write (ALL the numbers) on the deck off cards and shuffle them up. My pick 6 game is 6/53. So 54 divided by 9 equals 6. The number 28 has hit the most so I use 28 twice.

  • Jan Karlsson

    I play the UK Thunderball. I don’t really need any more than that top prize, it’s half the cost of Lotto and EuroMillions and I get a fair amount of little wins on it. Of course, those little wins just go back on the Thunderball, but it’s always nice to win something while waiting (very impatiently) for that big one.

    As to choosing my numbers, I just get Lucky Dips. It really makes no difference to my chances and, if I miss a draw for any reason, I’m not in the position of knowing I would have won big if those numbers came out on a missed draw.

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