Finally! The Real Blog

It’s been a journey. The Blog started life on (still there for old time sake, and future amusement), it wasn’t big, clever or pretty. There were no comments or modern blog widgets. It was also not hosted on my own site which was always an uncomfortable feeling. So it was time to go crazy…

The Blog moved to – wahay! Only I made the big mistake of thinking a cut-down minimalist blogging application would do the trick. Blosxom was that platform (pronounced ‘blossom’), and to give it credit, on Blosxom worked. It’s not complicated. It’s fairly customisable. But it can be fiddly just making posts. And it’s hell trying to remember how to spell it, is it Blox-som, or Blos-xom, aaaaagh!

So time for the big guns. Welcome to the all new WordPress based blog. Plenty of modern features you the readers should expect from a blog these days. Subscribe, comment, subscribe to comments, Digg me, me, and generally find your way around better (I hope).

Welcome, pull up a chair, put down your playslips for a while, enjoy a cup of tea, and do subscribe to our feed so you can come back soon.

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  • LG

    Welcome to the modern world. Lots of love, me.

  • Lee Guy Unruh

    What little I have read… you seem to be the real deal. I’ve been searching for a website name – my theme is exposing the sleazy side (slime) of lotteries. Nobody is going to type in Lottodetox, so the search goes on.

  • P Lynch

    I am 72 yrs old and wonder every day how am I going to make it, I only get 700.00 a month from social security and have to live on that and it isn’t easy. If I can win a few dollars I would like to give it a chance.

    • LG

      Well even just 1 ticket takes you from ‘no chance’ to ‘some chance’. And you don’t have to play every draw either.

      It’s also a lot of fun just being involved, especially if you watch the draw live too.

      Just don’t spend more on tickets than you can afford to lose, enjoy playing, and then anything you do win is a bonus. Good luck 🙂

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