El Gordo Draw – Kinda Freaky

If you don’t live in Spain you’ve probably never seen this video:-

(And yup, that’s how it goes for HOURS..! Every prize and every winning number is drawn – then sung out by kids from the local school. All of Spain is gripped the whole way through.)

El Gordo is the massive once a year Christmas lottery draw – it has a ridiculous prize fund of BILLIONS.

Here’s why I like it though:-

It pays out thousands of big prizes NOT crazy amounts to just a few people. And that means much better chances of winning a big prize – because there are so many more of them. Not to mention the HUGE volume of smaller prizes too.

Makes sense right? (Try telling the folks who run US Mega Millions…)

You have to be careful where you buy tickets for El Gordo though – a lot of online places will charge you stupid amounts.

(I played with these guys last year – good service, decent price, won a few small prizes and got paid promptly – so I’m playing with them again this year).

Bet your country has nothing like this for a lottery draw..?

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  • A.B

    Would like to hear from Michelle and Valerie about how they purchase their tickets, the numbers they play for us and all relevant info regarding such. I heard there is a draw coming up in July. Surely there is a right of doing things. Let us find out if this is all good and do it right
    so we can all profit and feel good about it.
    Thanks and let us please hear from you all soon.

    • Lottery-Guy.com

      You’re talking about the ‘Medals Of Luck’ people again aren’t you?

      If you don’t how the syndicate works, if they even buy the tickets, or the numbers they play – why on earth would you give them any money?

      There is a right way of doing things, and I’ve never heard of a genuine syndicate operating in this manner.

      Yes, there is a big Spanish draw coming up in July – sometimes called the Summer El Gordo, or San Ildefonso Draw. If you want to play it, I recommend you play with a real syndicate such as this one.

  • Given

    I want the result of EL GORDO in 2023 my TKT53076 close date 16 December drawn 22 December.

    • LG

      You want the result for the year 2023..! And you didn’t even say please 🙂

      If you meant 2013, that’s a long time to wait to check your tickets! First was 62246, second was 79712, third was 51689. You can get the full results from the official Spanish lottery here.

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