Don’t Miss The EuroMillions Superdraw Jackpot This Friday…

EuroMillions SuperdrawEuroMillions have a very special draw this Friday. Special for TWO very important reasons.

[1] The jackpot is a massive 130 Million Euros

Just imagine what you could do with even a small share of that?

[2] This Friday is a SuperDraw (read on to find why that is so special…)

SuperDraws Are VERY RARE!

They only do a couple of SuperDraws per YEAR. And when they do, we all want tickets!

SuperDraws are special because the jackpot CANNOT rollover. If nobody gets the full winning numbers, they give the jackpot away to the next prize level down!

That means your chances of winning 130 Million could be so much better than normal, for this Friday only.

Obviously, you should play in this draw!

Do NOT Wait, The Lottery Terminals Will Get Busy

Get your tickets for this draw today, because as we have seen in the past, big rollovers mean a last minute rush to buy tickets. Websites get slower, and lottery terminals have been known to fail under the load. That could mean you miss out if you wait.

You should do this now, either:-

[1] Buy tickets today before your local retailer gets too busy!

[2] Join a syndicate right now, today… go here for 36 EuroMillions entries for 5 UK pounds (NOTE: Sorry, NOT available to USA)


[3] Buy tickets online, but do it today as the sites will get swamped later this week. Here’s a guide to buying EuroMillions tickets online

Hurry though, you only have a few days left.

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  • Nigel Easy

    I wonder if winning €130,000,00 for €1 is a very much better deal than ‘just’ winning say €10,000,000? Presumably not, which means that many people think that the latter odds are not as attractive. Does this say anything? Perhaps the same people would prefer to have no chance of winning an infinite sum! Great site…

  • Euro Millions

    I think the odds of winning are the same if it is €100 mil or just €10 mil.

  • LG

    The odds of winning ARE the same regardless of the jackpot… normally! But SuperDraws are VERY different. The key here is that the big prize cannot rollover. If nobody matches all the numbers, the next closest match wins – and that could make a huge difference to your chances of winning.

  • Rosie Guerrero

    Here is my response to all you negative naysayers. I would think that a lottery that was not legit, Our Lottery Guy friend would not recommend it. And 2., if it wasn’t an honest lottery it would probably have a lot of complaints, and maybe the website would be taken off the internet for defrauding consumers. Sometimes you can do the research yourself and ask questions as well if you have any doubts. They do have customer service that will answer your questions if you should have any doubts. Good luck, and always think lucky!

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