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The Lottery Number Frequency Myth

lottery frequency[Q] Should I play lottery numbers that have a higher frequency of being drawn?

[A] There are lots of interesting things you can do with old lottery results. You can apply all sorts of analysis on past results, and come up with lots of intriguing things.

Even the lottery companies do it themselves. Read More

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Chances of Winning Mega Millions?

Mega Millions Winning Chances?It’s a crazy $212 million jackpot draw tomorrow, but just what are your chances of winning the Mega Millions..?

Mega Millions is different to ‘normal’ lottery draws. It’s a ‘power ball’ type draw which means it’s really 2 draws – and you have to win both to get the jackpot. (You can read all about Mega Millions and how it works here)

That’s normally a very bad thing for the player! Read More

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Lottery Advice – What’s Your Game?

Lottery Advice - What Game?I’m often asked for lottery advice – and usually advice as to what numbers to pick!

Obviously nobody can pick winning numbers in advance, that’s fundamentally impossible. But what you should be doing is everything you can to maximise your chances of winning. And top of that list is one of the most frequently overlooked pieces of advice I can give you… play the right lottery game. Read More

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