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It’s Millionaire Friday

25 euromillions millionairesIt’s another EuroMillions Superdraw – which means this Friday will crown 25 ticket holders as instant Millionaires.

But this is also on top of the normal jackpot draw, currently sitting at a cool €29 Million.

How come you’ve not heard about it.

Because only UK players get a chance for these bonus EuroMillions prizes. Read More

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Love My Lotto?

Long time readers of the Lottery Guy blog will know I’m a fan of syndicates. They just make sense for most people. You pool your money to buy more tickets – you get a better chance of winning without breaking the bank.

So when a new professional lottery syndicate arrives complete with a fanfare and fancy TV adverts, it’s pretty big news. Read More

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NEWS: EuroMillions Superdraw Hits €129 Million

euro millions superdrawIn case you missed it, EuroMillions rolled over again last week.

Which makes the jackpot this Friday one of the biggest seen at a rather crazy €129 Million.

UK players are hoping this will be a home win, creating the largest UK EuroMillions winner ever. The current record holder is Les Scadding from Newport in South Wales who banked a mere £45.5 Million in November 2009. Read More

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EuroMillions Winner Scoops World Record Jackpot (8 May 2009)

It has now been confirmed that the EuroMillions draw on 8 May 2009 did result in the single biggest jackpot winner ever.

And not just the biggest jackpot ever for the EuroMillions – but the biggest jackpot in the world won by one single winner.

So Who Won?

That winner has been revealed as a 25 year old woman living in Majorca, who is now about €126 Million richer. Read More

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NEWS: EuroMillions 3rd Biggest Jackpot Ever

euroEuroMillions fever hits again as last weeks huge jackpot rolled over again.

This Friday (8th May) sees the jackpot reach an enormous 123 Million Euros. The third largest in the history of EuroMillions.

Ticket sales will reach FOUR times a normal week for EuroMillions, with peaks of up to two and a half million tickets an hour. Read More

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