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Just What Is Going On..?

There’s a rabid buzz in the air. People are foaming at the mouth and starting to go a little crazy…

[Spoiler… all is revealed below]

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El Gordo Results 2010

For those of you that played the big crazy Spanish El Gordo draw this year, you might be interested to find out if you won the €3 million first prize… or one of the tens of thousands of other prizes!

I know, I know, the anticipation is killing me too!

So here’s the big ElGordo prize winning numbers:-



Full El Gordo Results

You can download a pdf file of the full El Gordo results if you want to check all the numbers. Read More

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El Gordo Lottery Results 2009

El Gordo Tickets 2009

The big crazy Spanish Christmas lottery draw is now over for 2009.

Life in Spain can return to normal once more – well, back to preparations for Christmas celebrations anyway.

El Gordo Winning Numbers

The winning number of the big prize was 78294. And winners stories are already beginning to appear. Read More

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Biggest Spanish Fiesta – El Gordo!

spanish el gordoSpain has loads of saints and tons of fiestas to go with them. But this makes even the craziest of them look about as exciting as getting a pair of socks for Christmas…

Seriously, the entire country comes to a halt when this ONCE A YEAR draw hits.

The draw process takes HOURS because there are so many prizes. Read More

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El Gordo Draw – Kinda Freaky

If you don’t live in Spain you’ve probably never seen this video:-

(And yup, that’s how it goes for HOURS..! Every prize and every winning number is drawn – then sung out by kids from the local school. All of Spain is gripped the whole way through.)

El Gordo is the massive once a year Christmas lottery draw – it has a ridiculous prize fund of BILLIONS. Read More

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